Consultation with a doctor and diet recommendations are additional HEALTH SERVICES available for a fee and by appointment upon the participant’s arrival.


Check ups include the following:

– A check up of body weight and temperature

– A check up of the spine

– A check up of the head and neck

– A check up of respiration

– A check up of circulation

– Urinalysis

– A check up of the pulse rate

– A check up of tongue, skin, nails

– A check up of the eyes

– A check up of the oral cavity

– A check up of the digestive tract

– A electro-acupuncture test for possible intolerances of major food groups (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish)

– A electro-acupuncture test for vitamin and mineral levels

– A electro-acupuncture test for tolerance to medical drugs

– A questionnaire on your detailed medical history

– If necessary, a Darkfield microscopy of a drop of your blood is carried out

• The choice of diagnostic methods is determined by the doctor after reviewing the questionnaire on medical history.



Depending on the individual, the recommendations include:

1. A preparatory phase that involves detoxification

2. Diet recommendations based on detoxification, proper nutritional and functional food

Bio-individuality is a basis used for recommending dietary habits. Therefore, we determine the metabolic type for each individual.
Whether it’s a Mediterranean diet, LCHF diet, anti-inflammatory diet, anti-candida diet, Master Cleans diet, Detox Diet, Raw Food diet, Green juices diet and other diets, it depends on the individual metabolic type.
Somebody needs a high level of animal proteins, somebody else needs a vegetarian diet with plenty of vegetables and healthy oils.
Everybody needs the right food at the right time and in the right quantity.

3. Immunity boost

4. Anti-parasitic and liver cleansing program

5. Orthomolecular therapy

6. Homeopathy

7. Aromatherapy

8. Exercise and breathing exercises

• This method is determined by the doctor after an examination and evaluation of the person’s immune status.