Mulier FOOD, NATURE, ADVENTURE programme

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Enjoy LIFE TO THE FULLEST. For BETTER HEALTH. Beautiful energy sourced from the land, fire, sea, air, people.

If you’re crazy about delicious natural Mediterranean food and want to explore the beautiful seaside and mountains, meet the local people , then join this adventure.
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  • Vitality check and personal diet recommendation
  • Exercises under expert guidance every morning
  • Excursions (photo safari of Velebit, bike tour of the Town of Nin, ecotourism, roads along olive groves/vineyards/cheese producers, sailing)
  • Practical knowledge acquisition course: Metabolic Balance-Healthy Diet
  • Suggested free-of-charge activities: aromatic sauna under professional guidance, bowling, swimming, jogging

  • Additional HEALTH services and ACTIVITIES (for a fee and by appointment, upon arrival) also suggested with this programme:
    • Signature treatment (Mulier holistic massage, mud wraps)
    • Half triathlon with a personal trainer


Leaders and organizers

Meri Bura, MD and Associates


7 days 
6 nights


4-star Hotel Pinija, Petrčane, Zadar, Croatia

How to find us

Travelling by car: GPS coordinates: N 44°10ʼ.47.93“ – E 15°09ʼ32.04“

Travelling by plane: (distance to the hotel is about 20 km) (distance to hotel is about 130 km)


Mulier programme reservation: email:,

tel: +385 99 21 54 170

Accommodation reservation: email:



Price of the Mulier programme: € 826 per person/ per 7 days

Price of the full board at the seaside 4-star Hotel Pinija (twin bedrooms):

€ 45 – € 110 per person/ per day, depends of the season


Official Language

Croatian and English
Groups and individuals may request a translator (for a fee and by appointment)