Mulier HEALTHY COOKING programme

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If you want to learn how to combine foodstuffs, make healthy delicious cakes, prepare a menu, use healthy fats, something about sexy food, solutions for food addiction, basic meal principles, seasonal food, tableside love stories, wine and fruits, men who can open a bottle with style…

Healthy principles and recipes.

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  • Mulier (A to Z) Healthy Cooking Programme
  • Practical knowledge acquisition course: Healthy Cooking
  • Script – Principles and Recipes
  • Morning exercises under expert guidance
  • Bike trip to the Petrčane, village next to the hotel
  • Suggested free-of-charge activitiy: sauna, Nordic walking (sticks can be rented)
  • Additional HEALTH services and ACTIVITIES (for a fee and by appointment, upon arrival) also suggested with this programme:
    • Signature Treatment (reflexology massage, Mulier Revital)

Leaders and organizers

Meri Bura, MD and Associates


3 days
2 nights


4-star Hotel Pinija, Petrčane, Zadar, Croatia

How to find us

Travelling by car: GPS coordinates: N 44°10ʼ.47.93“ – E 15°09ʼ32.04“

Travelling by plane: (distance to the hotel is about 20 km) (distance to hotel is about 130 km)


Mulier programme reservation: email:,

tel: +385 99 21 54 170

Accommodation reservation: email:


Price of the Mulier programme: € 240 per person/ per 3 days

Price of the full board at the seaside 4-star Hotel Pinija (twin bedrooms):

€ 45 – € 110 per person/ per day, depends of the season

Official Language

Croatian and English
Groups and individuals may request a translator (for a fee and by appointment)