Accurate information at the right time

Accurate information at the right time

Accurate information at the right time

What is the legend (rumor) about food, what is history, what is the truth, and what has been confirmed in clinical studies? The legend of food is created by people by passing on stories of experience, and experience is the consumption of food in certain circumstances. So, they say: asparagus is delicious, good for the kidneys, and an aphrodisiac. We can immediately recognize the taste, studies have confirmed the positive impact on kidney health, but an aphrodisiac?

If you eat them in, for example, Istria and you’re on a weekend with your loved one, relaxed, in nature, experiencing new things, with new people, in beautiful surroundings… they can certainly be an aphrodisiac. And sunny-side-up eggs are an aphrodisiac then too. Legend creates an atmosphere that we associate with certain foods. History is dry truth, it means nothing to anyone in practice. Humans are beings of emotion and prejudice, and everyone has their own truth. Personal practice shows us that. And clinical study?

A clinical study is a thesis posed by an interest group, they create and perform all procedures to prove this thesis first to themselves and then to others. Then the thesis can be marketed. Every person should conduct their personal study – then that study is valid for you. A personal study involves monitoring your actions towards yourself over some time. It includes legend, history, truth, and analysis. I suggest a small study that will show you in which direction you are leading your health. Every day, evaluate the activities and conditions listed below, from 1-5 (like in school – one is a poor grade, five is the best) for your daily contribution to your happiness and health. You will quickly get results and become aware of where you are making mistakes and what needs to be changed.

A personal study takes 1.5 minutes of your time daily, it’s fun and efficient. Rate how tired you are every day. If the rating is 1, 2, or 3 for several days, it means you are doing something wrong (prolonged work under artificial lighting, lack of sun exposure, improper diet for your constitution, being in even slightly humid spaces, stressful thoughts, postponing your own dreams, lack of fresh air, lack of movement, spending too much time with people who don’t suit you…) or symptoms that need to be addressed are developing (lack of vit B12, thyroid problems, detoxifying the liver, adrenal fatigue due to prolonged stress, dehydration, high cholesterol, viral diseases, low blood pressure, candida infections, chronic joint inflammation, dermatitis, dental focal infections, mineral deficiencies, hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia…).

Also, evaluate the quality of your sleep. Good sleep is a condition for a good mood (along with healthy intestines, but more on that another time). How much do you laugh every day, how much time do you spend with people who make you laugh, and how much with people who make you sad or angry? Do you have daily close communication – with your partner, friend?

Do you have a person you can tell everything to without fear, and who will fully understand you, listen, and support you? How much time do you spend in the sun every day? Sunlight is necessary for the pituitary gland to function, and the pituitary gland controls the ovaries, pancreas, and thyroid. What thought accompanies us throughout the day? Is it a concern about how we will manage everything? Or is it a belief that everything will be positive and in our favor? Occasionally, do something just for yourself, something unrelated to work, family, daily routine? How much do you move?

How do you breathe? Breathing is one of the most important ways to detoxify our body, and shallow breathing, which women tend to do, affects circulation and mood in the long run. How often do you clean your body, your home, your desk…, get rid of things you don’t use, to make room for new, fresh ones? Complaining, the seal of the Croatian people, let others practice it. It takes away energy and tires you. Good music, which you love – surround yourself with it every day.

That’s your inspiration. It gives strength, it gives ideas. Every now and then, do something new that you haven’t done before. If you regularly go to the theater, go to a pub once. And vice versa. Get to know new energies, get to know new people. What’s the feng shui like at work, at home? Is there enough sun, enough fresh flowers, cheerful colors? What company do we choose every day? Do we discard people who want to see us out of interest along the path of least resistance? Or do we choose people who empower us, fill us with energy? How capable are we of saying NO when needed? How often do we say YES to positive offers? For a businesswoman with SMART goals in love and work, the Mulier Self Care table will board you onto a yacht that sails only in good weather and enters the most beautiful ports and coves. And you will steer because you have information. Accurate information at the right time.



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close communication  
sun exposure  
spending time in nature  
thought of the day  
food for the body  
food for the mind  
food for the soul (dreams)  
food for emotions  
something just for me  
detox (cleaning things, home, body, mind, soul…)  
home feng shui  
work feng shui  
sounds, music, silence  
choice of company  
answer No  
answer Yes  

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    Meri Bura, MD

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