Aromatherapy interview for Essentia magazine

Aromatherapy interview for Essentia magazine

What prompted you to develop and integrate knowledge from complementary medicine in addition to your medical expertise?

I was raised with a natural way of life, including a healthy diet, playing sports (ballet, tennis), and outdoor activities. I’m naturally curious. The more experience and knowledge I gain, the more I want to learn. My method yields results and I continue down that path by using scientific medicine for diagnosis and natural medicine for therapy. The primary natural therapy I use is the Mulier diet, which achieves a 70-90% reduction in disease symptoms.


What is most effective for you in aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is most effective in treating inflammation, infections, and mental-emotional conditions. This is scientifically proven. It can heal infections in 95% of cases, address nerves, hormones, and emotions in 75% of cases, help with chronic inflammation in 50% of cases, and support metabolic chronic diseases in 25% of cases.

You can see how effective aromatherapy is from an example in my life. When I travel, I carry peppermint essential oil (Mentha piperita) with me.

If I have a headache, I apply a drop to each temple.
If my knee hurts, I apply water and a few drops of peppermint, then massage it, and the pain goes away.
For digestive issues, I apply a drop or two of peppermint on my abdomen or put a drop on a piece of bread and consume it.
When I feel seasick on a boat, I place peppermint under my nose.
To boost my energy, I use a drop of peppermint on my spine or foot.
What more can I say?

My favorite oil is frankincense oil. It calms me, grounds me, and protects me. Frankincense is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory agents. I often prescribe preparations based on frankincense for various inflammations (arthritis, dermatitis, cystitis, colitis, headaches…).


How would you connect aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutrition and yoga?

Everything at the right time in the right place in the right dose. And always individually.


Is aromatherapy in synergy with the Mulier method?

Absolutely. The Mulier method is a holistic method that gives the patient the best options at that moment.
In addition to diet and preparations, I always recommend essential oils to patients depending on individual needs and lifestyle. I recommend them in baths, in massages, in diffusers…
Each morning, I apply a few drops of oil with progesterone-like effects on my wrists to start the day. I end it with frankincense in the diffuser.

What do you consider the highest/greatest potential in aromatherapy?

Spiritual healing. No other therapy comes close to it. There are special protocols for this.


On a personal level, what is your favorite and most useful in aromatherapy?

Peppermint is most useful to me, and frankincense is my favorite. All my perfumes are based on frankincense. I adore it.


How do you use essential oils for yourself?

I have a lot of essential oils in my home.

I use them daily in the diffuser.

Pine and tangerine when I work and study, geranium and ravensara when I have guests, frankincense when I’m happy, immortelle when I’m sad, rosemary in the bath when my muscles hurt, lavender for stomach cramps, thyme and marjoram for disinfection, mint for headaches, cypress against viruses.

My dog ​​is also used to using aromatherapy for prevention and therapy.


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