Belly within limits

Trbuh u granicama, Belly within limits

How old are you?

Alright, so is that a reason to “slightly” gain weight?

How much did you weigh at 20?

Why don’t you weigh that much now?

I know you know, but try to answer that question for yourself.

You’ll be surprised by the answers!

You can lose weight, you can have a nice, healthy stomach.

Health comes first.

But I know that I won’t motivate you as much with health as when I say that a healthy stomach will make you more attractive.

So, what’s it about?

Stress causes reduced circulation in the intestines and a stronger flow to the brain, because the brain needs to decide now!
Intestines that don’t get enough oxygen stop working properly, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters don’t get secreted, intestinal movement decreases, leading to constipation, toxins accumulate, skin breaks out, we get headaches, smelly sweat… Due to constipation, we can’t get rid of stool, so toxins have to find a way out, even through the skin.
Sometimes toxins come out through tears, so a line of irritated skin forms on the outer edge of the eye.

With reduced intestinal peristalsis, everything is teeming with fermentation and decay.
Toxic gases are produced that are incredibly toxic. You can measure them with devices the police use to measure blood alcohol levels.
These gases jeopardize our health, we become mentally foggy, forgetful, moody, bloated, overweight.

Stress has given us a new stress.

So stressful, we enter stressful situations.

New stress ensures the next new stress.

Cortisol is secreted in large amounts, blood glucose rises, insulin is secreted to drive glucose into the cells.
However, with excessive insulin secretion, resistance develops, so we have a lot of glucose outside the cells and the cells are starved of glucose. Eventually, these are tired cells without energy.

Glucose is stored in fat tissue, and it loves to settle around the waist the most.
Our stomachs grow, our spine bends, our walk becomes clumsy, we become a burden to ourselves.
Often obsessed with excess weight, food, diets.

But that’s the wrong focus.

The solution doesn’t reside there.

The solution lies elsewhere.

There are a few steps to the solution:

  • food intolerance test
  • changing your diet
  • adopting eating habits
  • exercise routine.

Once you’ve done all that, get in touch.

The most important part is to get to know yourself, your needs, desires, your ideal lifestyle.

Get to know yourself at the workshop “Women’s Mind, Women’s Heart, Women’s Body” in Zagreb, November 25, 2017.

Everything about women, from A to Z.

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    Meri Bura, MD
    Meri Bura, MD

    Intoxication, obesity, Thyroid problems, fatigue - require healing for both, souls and bodies. Body healing begins with a change in diet. The soul is healed with professional support and investment in knowledge. "Life is too long to be sick and too short to take too long."

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