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Boredom means until now.

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Life has been until now. But what now?

If the word “from” is more appealing to you than the word “to,” it won’t be difficult. You will start something new or resume something old. Starting something new will require some courage, and restarting something old will require a lot of courage. In any case, courage consists of self-confidence.

The self-confidence that you can exercise again, that you can seduce someone again, the self-confidence that you can succeed again… Because the cycle that self-confidence signifies, which makes you alive, vibrant, and present in life, requires four basic conditions: money, love, health, power.

What are you lacking?

If you lack health, love, power, and money can compensate for a lot.

Maybe health isn’t the most important thing for you. Maybe a monthly migraine is a great choice for suppressing your unfaithful husband and naughty children. Or rheumatoid arthritis can be a great choice for someone to replace you at work and work in your place.

This may seem like a bad scenario for your life, but it also serves as a fairly safe refuge.

But what if you don’t have enough love and you’re struggling like a fish out of water?

Well, a good paycheck can provide you with a nice trip and help you forget about loneliness. Weekly shopping can give you a false sense of power. This is called getting by.

Money comes first. It’s not by chance. It provides a sense of security, the ability to move, socialize, meet people. It’s never enough for happiness. But it provides hope. It can turn boredom into fun.

What is power?

Is it political power? Power over people? Power over your life?

Do you recognize it, do you know it, have you discovered it, and do you know what your power is?

It’s that quality that gives you hope and the feeling that everything will be okay in every moment of life.

It’s the feeling that turns seemingly hopeless situations into challenges.

It’s faith in yourself. It’s the belief that you have the most beautiful hair and that you can go out into the world with that hairstyle.

It’s the feeling that you’re always ready to do something crazy.

It’s knowing that you’re ready to ask people for what you need.

Power is knowing what you need and asking the world to hurry up and deliver it to you.

Having your power is having your future.

A person without a future is a person without a present.

Neither health, love, nor money gives you self-confidence to the extent that the knowledge of your own power does.

Because someone with self-confidence isn’t afraid of health, illness, life, or death.

If you’re bored and lacking a bit of everything, and you don’t even feel like getting up, what should you do?

The body is the temple of our soul.

A healthy spirit resides in a healthy body.

In a sick body, the spirit dies.

See the wisdom!

Heal, empower your body to enable the spirit.

You need a plan for that.

Let it be modest, but be consistent.

Let discipline be your virtue.



Like this:

1. From a state of boredom, I will transition to a state of motivation by:

– Going fishing, even though all fishermen are strange

– Creating my personal plan for nutrition, exercise, and spiritual development (= communication with other people)

– Reading this text again because something doesn’t add up for me here


2. My basic nutrition plan includes:

– Supplements that stimulate brain function

– Plenty of roasted meat, preferably with tamburitza music

– Food that nourishes the body and does no harm, i.e., seasonal vegetables and fruit… in large quantities


3. Supplements that stimulate brain function are:

– Essential oils with a high percentage of sesquiterpenes (frankincense, lemon balm…)

– Omega-3 fatty acids

– CoQ10


4. Although it hurts me… I will encourage my body to move:

– Light nature walks

– Swimming

– Trampoline jumping


5. Spiritual development means:

– Singing mantras in yoga class

– More socializing with dear people

– Eating well


This would be the first step toward body health. Take it seriously.

Of course, if you guessed the correct answers!

If not, it’s your own fault.


Health and education are powerful anti-aging drugs.

Read, learn, and apply.

It’s not true that everything that doesn’t break a person makes them stronger. The truth is that every failure weakens a person. That’s why you should avoid failures and misfortunes!

Being undisciplined is a great misfortune.

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