Deepen your stress

Deepen your stress


Only for those above 40…

How else?!

Since you’ve already decided that your life will be stressful, I’ll help you make it even more stressful.

Haven’t decided to be stressed? Then where does stress come from?

There’s a proverb that says: When you know the truth, you’ll be free to do as you please.

But if stress is a daily occurrence, where can you find space for insights?

What is stress?

Stress is the continuous undermining of one’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

And without those two “selfs,” we can’t reach any goal. Any at all.

In my experience, people often say that stress is:

– Excessive demands from the environment

Antistress: Learn to say NO

There are ways to say NO without additional stress.

It’s all about choice. If we don’t make a choice ourselves and say “no,” our body will do it for us.
So, it’s certain that we’ll break a leg if we go into a situation we definitely want to avoid, or our knees will hurt if we’re doing something against our will, or our head will hurt if…

– Indecision (raises cortisol levels)
Antistress: Write a SWOT analysis (strengths and weaknesses of a new decision), make a decision! Stick to the decision for at least 3 weeks. In other words, learn to make decisions. And learn the discipline to stick to the decision for at least some time.

– Lack of time
Antistress: Distinguish urgent from important. Define what’s important, and always start the day with tasks that are important, not urgent.
If money is a top priority, then focus on activities that bring in money first.
If relationships are a top priority, give attention, time, and heart to that relationship.
Otherwise, you’ll be biting your own tail like a dog. And remain hungry!

The primary source of stress for every individual stems from upbringing or lack thereof (parents’ or guardians’ ignorance) in childhood.
But if you haven’t systematically learned something, you can’t know it.
If you haven’t learned to play the piano, you won’t know how to play the piano. If your parents didn’t raise you systematically, they made mistakes.
Their ignorance created stressful rigid prejudices (read Eric Berne’s book “Transactional Analysis”) that can be an important part of every day of our lives, our entire lives. Unfortunately.

Who knows how to raise children? Which parent reads books on child rearing?
Did your parents know and do they know everything about you?
Do you know yourself?

Are you aware of what drives you and what “drives” you?
Are you aware of where your fears lie?

Do you even know what causes you stress? Trust me, you don’t know. Because beneath what you think, something else is hidden.

But there are some universal sources of stress for everyone.

So, if you want more stress, I recommend:

1. Get up in the morning at the last minute, so you’re already late as soon as you wake up. Look disheveled, undisciplined, and imperfect.
So, you won’t be credible to anyone. Not at the counter, not at the doctor’s, not in court, not at the bank, let alone in your job. Because you won’t be credible to yourself.
Because you lack discipline.
A person without discipline is not a complete person. Truly.
Laziness is not accidentally one of the deadly sins.

2. Sit all day and don’t exercise, not even your legs, let alone other parts of your body.

A body that doesn’t move. There’s no circulation, of course. Cold feet, a hollow head, lack of concentration, heart and communication blockage, lack of awareness of the opposite sex around us, no “drive” or competition at work, slow blood, prone to clotting, prone to stroke, prone to depression. Sagging skin, undefined muscles. It ruins self-esteem and self-confidence.

3. Delay sex (until you’re retired?)

Okay, don’t feel like it, you’re tired? What isn’t practiced is forgotten. In medicine, there’s a saying that only function saves function and promotes structure (muscles). So, the more you use some muscles, the better they are in condition, appearance, mood. They work better and look better.

Are your hips in a good mood?

Here’s how it goes:
Hips, eyes, heart.

You’ve probably already heard that people in old age or on their deathbed don’t regret anything they did, messed up… they only regret the things they didn’t do, try!
In the case of avoiding or bypassing sex, you won’t even notice how your self-esteem and self-confidence are affected, and unfortunately, you won’t consciously connect this connection.
What are you waiting for? You’re busy? Can you think of anything more important than good food and sex?

When they asked the late Mrs. Žuži Jelinek in her later years if she regretted having all those men, she said: Honey, I regret all those I turned down.

A woman with an eternal smile.

4. Don’t have priorities

You solve urgent matters.
How to determine priorities?
What’s most important to you? Family, career, freedom, creativity, friends, children, travel, sports??
For me, it’s a successful day if I’ve eaten well and spent the day in good company. The better the food and the more interesting the company, the more successful my day is. It warms my soul, makes me happy, stimulates my creativity, motivates me to take action. That’s my daily priority.

My weekly priority is creative work.

My life priority is a healthy life and healthy relationships – every day.

If you’re an adult and you don’t know what your priorities are, you unconsciously feel lost. Which you are.

You’re drifting.
And self-esteem and self-confidence are falling. With every new wave of life that you didn’t cause.
It leads to a vicious circle.

5. I na kraju, vrlo važno.

  1. And finally, very important.

Which city do you live in?
What’s the energy of that city like? Does that energy support you?
Liz Gilbert noticed that every city has its own “word.”
The key word for New York is success, for Rome, sex… What’s the key word for your city?
Does it align with you?

If it’s not in harmony, you’ll feel powerless. On the edge.

If a career is important to you and you live in the countryside, your self-esteem and self-confidence will suffer.

The atmosphere, the ions in the air don’t support your career. The words of people don’t support you (fama volat), stores, cinemas, waitresses don’t support you.

Similarly, if you live in Zagreb and aspire to a peaceful family life in nature, after some time, you’ll experience a splitting of your mind and body. This is called mild schizophrenia. Those are those temperatures of 37.1 degrees, when you start exploring with doctors what virus it is. But it’s not a virus – it’s “wrong decision and cowardice.” Come on, move! You won’t live for 200 years. Circulate. Don’t take circulation pills. Pills can’t relocate you.

As you can see, there are some common situations that cause stress for most people.

Similarly, there are accepted “best practices” to relieve stress.

When you decide to relieve stress, believe me, you’ll quickly find information.

That’s enough for the wise.

Foto: Pexels

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