Detox guidelines

Detox guidelines, pravila detoksikacije

Here we will talk about food and nutrition.

Detoxification is part of nutrition.

Food refers to ingredients.
Nutrition is the relationship with food. This is where problems arise.

Food implies ingredients like raw fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, oils, processed food from supermarkets and health food stores, self-grown produce…
Food is defined by calories, glycemic index (GI), glycemic load (GL), sugar, fat and protein content, minerals, vitamins, pH quality, digestibility, toxin and hormone percentages, water content, taste, smell, consistency.
Those who aim to achieve something with food are mostly focused on counting calories and the percentage of fat in food, turning food into mathematics.

Food is love or it isn’t.

When food is our love, nutrition becomes a friend.

We wage war on those we don’t know.
We love those we know.
That’s why the first step is to love something in order to know it.

In this case, knowing nutrition is more important than food.

We need knowledge about nutrition, not just about food.
Food falls within the domain of nutritional technologists, and their concern is to provide us with healthful food. Any healthy food is good.

Nutrition is our loving or warring relationship with food.

Friendship or enmity towards food makes us happy or unhappy, as the appearance and strength of our body depend on this relationship. And that matters to all of us. The body reveals everything. In this case, it reveals whether we are at war or in love with food.

As we know, food is connected to emotions, so even excessive weight cannot be treated without considering this.

Our relationship with food is formed in childhood. We inherit it from our parents and the environment in which we grow up. That’s why it’s important to know where we grew up and how we were nourished.


Nutrition consists of a series of rules that we should love.

One of the most important rules of nutrition is detoxification.

Our body detoxifies or cleanses itself every day. The liver, kidneys, and skin are responsible for this.

Every cell in our body is supplied with blood vessels that bring nutrients into the cell and remove waste from the cell, which the liver and kidneys then expel from the body.
Therefore, good circulation, a healthy liver, and healthy kidneys are necessary for regular and high-quality detoxification.

Circulation depends on nutrition, food, hydration, stress levels, hormone secretion, heart health, blood vessel quality, blood composition, an individual’s vital energy, psychological constitution, infections like bacteria, viruses, parasites, and the rarely mentioned electrical potential of cell membranes.

Electrolytes are needed for a healthy electrical potential of the membrane.
This electrical potential determines the quality of necessary substances entering the cell and the speed of removing unnecessary substances from the cell. Therefore, it determines the quality of cellular detoxification.

Hence, electrolytes and hydration are crucial in nutrition. I must note that they cannot function optimally without sunlight, water, and fats (omega fatty acids).

There is a test with which we can measure and see the state of fatty acids in the body and the state of the membrane. We measure:

  • the profile of 11 important fatty acids
  • omega-3 levels
  • the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6
  • the efficiency of arachidonic acid
  • membrane fluidity

For any weight disorder, hormonal disorder like thyroid problems, or issues with fatigue and adrenal glands, we need to first seek solutions at the cellular level, here at the membrane.

The state of the membrane can be clearly seen under a Darkfield microscope, where we can clearly observe, for example, the membranes of red blood cells that are wrinkled and unhealthy in most people instead of being taut and healthy.
These wrinkled cells stick to each other and form the so-called Rouleaux formations.

Stuck sluggish cells don’t provide good circulation, do they?

We expect that the other cells of the body are in the same or similarly poor condition.
Such blood is an excellent medium for the development and spread of infection, retaining waste and toxins, creating inflammation, accumulating oxidized fats that later lead to atherosclerosis and high blood pressure, fostering thrombosis… and a whole series of negative events that later turn into serious illnesses like fatigue, weight gain, heart attacks, strokes, hormonal issues, skin diseases, cognitive problems, emotional problems.

So, first, take a test to see the state of the membrane and the level of omega fatty acids.
If the condition is not optimal and if there are already symptoms like obesity, fatigue, hormonal issues… start with liver cleansing and massages (lymphatic drainage), hydration.

If the liver is congested with toxins, that condition is reflected in the blood and the whole body.
So, first, cleanse to later be able to add.
And primarily, add water and minerals.

1. Start by taking a test on the state of the membranes and omega fatty acids.

2. Then, I recommend you perform liver detoxification with the Hepafast preparation, which can only be prescribed by physicians. Before taking it, the doctor will check your health status through a questionnaire (and possibly additional tests), and give you instructions for detoxification.

3. Finally, add minerals, among other foods, of course.

For mineral replenishment, I primarily recommend daily consumption of long-cooked meat or vegetable broths. Alkaline vegetable broths are the best.
If you can’t cook due to work, take along an alkaline Mayr broth concentrate that you prepare like tea, pour one teaspoon of concentrate with hot water and drink it slowly until lunch.

4. If the test indicates a lack of fatty acids, fatty acid supplementation is needed.

5. Lastly, you just need to spend more time in the sun (daylight) and go to bed before 10 PM, occasionally get massages, and drink water.

You can order the test, Hepafast, Mayr broth concentrate, and an omega-3 supplement (which includes antioxidants) via email:

This procedure can significantly help with many chronic issues like obesity, joint inflammation, hormonal problems, fatigue, skin issues.

Once you have prepared your body properly, focus on nutrition for the time being.
And that means changing your habits around hydration, the beverages you consume daily.

The first habit you need to change is breakfast. Eating food for breakfast is harmful for the majority of people. There are exceptions, illnesses that require patients to consume special food for breakfast.

In the morning, you can eat fruit, drink herbal teas, lemonades, green smoothies, alkaline soups.

Drink ample amounts of liquid in the morning, give your body time to eliminate toxins that accumulated in the blood during the night, as detoxification occurs during the night.

As in music, quality depends on the intervals between, not the notes (here: meals).

Orchestrate properly, don’t create noise and stress within the cell.

Don’t add before you empty and cleanse.
Don’t waste time and money on expensive supplements if the body isn’t prepared.

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    Meri Bura, MD

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