Diagnosis of frustration

Diagnosis of frustration
Do you know how to perform surgery?

It’s not a problem to enter tissue, cut veins and muscles, but what’s the outcome?!


What school have you attended to be able to solve your life problems and dissatisfaction if you’ve never learned how to do it?

How will you know something if you don’t know it?
Unless you’re a natural talent?

I’ll help you.
I’ll help you solve your life problems and dissatisfaction.


To start, answer the questions below.
If you actually write them down on paper, you’ll know where you stand and what your problem is.


What do you think when you think:

1. I should (that’s what we think we need to do to maintain our false ego… get into a job for more money, even though we don’t want to, work with people we don’t appreciate, be with people (e.g., go for coffee) because we feel obligated… and in reality, we don’t want to): list them.
We often think we should do something because we feel obligated or guilty.
You owe nothing to anyone (even when you do!).

2. I have to (pass exams at university if I’ve enrolled in a university, work with patients if I’m a doctor, make lunch if I’ve invited guests): list them.
If you’ve set a goal for yourself and want to achieve something (finish your degree, have guests for lunch), then don’t think too much, just do it.
But having to do something can actually mean I should: I have to (I should) stay quiet so that someone doesn’t get upset, I have to (I should) keep my opinion to myself, I have to (I should) endure something or someone.
You don’t have to do anything unless you want to achieve a goal.
If you want to play the piano, then you have to practice.
So, think carefully about the goals you set for yourself here!

3. I want (to be happy, to travel, to have more time for myself, to lose weight, to be rich…): list them.
“I want” is what one of my charming retired colleagues would call crap on a stick.
So, nothing, zero, a waste of time.
List what you want.
What you want will never come true; you will die with your desires, unless you show clear signs that you actually want it…

4. I want
– that’s what I actually intend to do, for example, when I go on a trip and know that I shouldn’t stay away for 5 days (because my family is waiting for me, because they can’t do without me), but I still bring clothes and everything else for 5 days, despite others’ objections: list them.
– that’s when you’re 30 years old and have been dating your boyfriend for 10 years, and you move into an apartment with a single bed – you won’t.
– that’s when your husband says he’ll be better and still comes home at 2 in the morning – he won’t.
– that’s when you want to travel to Rome and start learning Italian.
What you want most describes you because it’s what you’re actually doing.
If you want to lose weight and eat at night, then it means you think you should lose weight, not that you will (want to) lose weight.


And now, some mathematics.


Calculate where your life is taking place, where you have the most answers:

  1. In the activities I should, where you’re constantly trying something but the focus here can never be strong enough for you to be successful – that’s the PLACE OF FRUSTRATION.
  2. In the activities I have to – you live IN FEAR that you’ll manage to…

So choose your goals wisely.

  1. In the activities I want – THAT’S SELF-DECEPTION.
  2. In the activities I want – YOU ARE STRONG AND TRUE; that’s confirmation that you’ve decided on a happy life and that you’re taking responsibility for everything, for the good and the bad, and nothing can distract you or scare you away.


Now you know where you are. You know the DIAGNOSIS (in part).

If your life takes place in “I should” and “I want,” sign up for the “EMOTIONS AND STRESS” program and learn how to start living a happy, inspiring, responsible, and healthy life.

Learn emotional detoxification!

What’s the catch?

In the answer to the question: WHY am I doing this and HOW do I stop?


The most important part remains, the therapeutic part… and it’s called ENJOYING.

What do I really enjoy?!


Applications and details for the “EMOTIONS AND STRESS” program in Zagreb on September 8, 2017, and in Bol on the island of Brač from September 9 to 12, 2017: http://mulier.hr/retreat-emotions-stress/

Applications: mulier@mulier.hr, +385 99 21 54170

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