Food is my friend

Food is my friend, hrana je moj prijatelj

I eat, enjoy, and create.
I don’t experiment. I create.
Creating means knowing the result in advance.
Experimenting means messing around.
(artworks are obvious examples of creation and experimentation)


Before I put a bite in my mouth, I know what I want to achieve. Some call it conscious eating.
I want to be satisfied, nourished, I want to feel all the nuances of each bite, and most of all, I want to enjoy.
I don’t want to regret after eating.
I want to transform one type of energy into another, the one I need.
I want food to create energy for me.
Maybe I need more strength (so I eat smoothies), maybe I need calm (LCHF), maybe I need mental clarity (keto diet), maybe I need a restart (liver detox), maybe I need healing (anti-inflammatory diet)…
It’s good to know what I need.
I know what I’ll achieve with my bites.


I know how I’ll feel after eating.
I know my rhythm.
I know what harms me.
I know what gives me energy.
I know the order of eating.
I know when I need a break from eating.
I know how much rest my intestines need.
I know how to rest my intestines.


That’s why I can eat anything. I can eat whenever I want. And as much as I want.


I consciously chew, consciously feel how sugars dissolve in my mouth so I can taste the sweetness of meat, the sweetness of bread, the sweetness of carrots, the sweetness of celery, the flavors of everything.
I consciously enjoy. Every time!
I consciously feed my bacteria.


Beyond the intestines, I must admit I’m not aware anymore.
What will happen next, I don’t think about it. I’ve said goodbye to food already at the exit from my mouth.


I mean, my dear friends, when I finish eating, I don’t think about that food anymore.
If you ask me what I ate, I don’t always remember, but I know very well how I felt throughout the day.


I want to feel good all the time.


I just know that after a meal in some restaurants, I feel sick.
I don’t remember their food, but I remember how I felt.
So I don’t go there anymore.


When a dog tastes bad food, it will never eat it again.
A dog makes the same mistake only once.
People make the same mistakes their whole lives.


Once I’ve eaten everything, I’ve enjoyed, and I don’t think about it anymore!
I’m calm, satisfied, and content.
The sugar in my blood is stable because there’s no more nutritional (hunger) or mental (cravings) stress for me.


So, you can do this too.


Eat consciously.
Eat like humans.
Rest occasionally.


To start, give your digestion a break.
I do that regularly.


Treat yourself to a week or two of rest, cleansing, revitalization.
Deal with anti-aging at its root.
Cleanse your skin.
Get rid of the fat around your waist.
Get rid of the fat that suffocates you.


My favorite detox is a two-week diet with Hepafast.
Order Hepafast from Marijana,, and ask for diet details.


If you have thyroid problems or any other hormonal issue, this is the diet for you.
If you suffer from chronic fatigue, this is also the diet for you.
If you want to lose weight, you will start shedding pounds on this diet.
This is a healthy diet.


With Hepafast and diet details, you’ll also get an individual detox advice from Dr. Meri Bura.
Until February 15th, the advice is free! A gift for those who invest in themselves.

Start on the right path, the path of health and strength. Because you’ll need it.

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    Meri Bura, MD
    Meri Bura, MD

    Intoxication, obesity, Thyroid problems, fatigue - require healing for both, souls and bodies. Body healing begins with a change in diet. The soul is healed with professional support and investment in knowledge. "Life is too long to be sick and too short to take too long."

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