Golden tricks for eternal youth

Golden tricks for eternal youth

Only for those over 40…

Golden tricks for eternal youth

When you reach forty, the concept of anti-aging, rejuvenation, strength, and youth takes on new meaning!

Then the notion that health is the most important becomes clear.

What does that even mean?

Until forty, you run, you achieve, you meet deadlines, demands (your own and others’), goals.

After forty, you want to continue doing all that, and for the first time, you realize how well you’ve done.

Because even now, you’d run, achieve, and push, but it’s a bit harder.

Exercising for 2 hours a day becomes a challenge, you watch how young people have fun late into the night, you see some friends experiencing a second youth (you don’t know whether to cry or laugh), and you see yourself wanting to but not quite managing it.

You somehow lack strength.

Strength = libido = fired up for life

If you feel this way, it starts like this:

Basic formula:

Ningxia Red x omega 3


About Ningxia Red, omega 3, and emotions… more on July 20, 2015, in Lovran.

The story begins one day in the hilly Balkans when Sissy cried on a bench overlooking the sea.

These weren’t tears from the strong scent of immortelle, nor was she sneezing from the pollen on the purple rosemary flowers; it wasn’t trendy back then. Allergies. People weren’t allergic to each other back then. Nor to plants.

But tears flowed because of beauty and ugliness.
Beauty was celebrated. Clear eyes, beautiful skin, healthy nails, and lush, shiny hair!

Sissy, in particular, had eaten a fish, a white fish from a nearby bay. Raw, lively sea bream. Because her mother had said, “Sissy, darling, eat fish, eat omega 3, you’ll be beautiful.”

But the sea bream was some old fish, with rancid omega, wrinkled skin, and cloudy eyes.

And Sissy’s gaze immediately clouded over. And a prince happened to pass by. Wonderful, just like his horse. “Sissy, Sissy, where are you looking, my dear? Your gaze is wandering, and your eyes aren’t as blue as they used to be. It’s as if there’s a fishing net over them.”

“Come on, don’t be silly, catch a blue fish so we can grease our mustaches and I can see you better (and understand you better too).”

Clumsy falls off his horse, lands in a shallow part of the sea, kills two mackerels with his big butt, and gives them to Sissy to apply.

“Mmm,” says Sissy, once again, the real Sissy with clear blue eyes and a focused gaze.

“Thank you, you scoundrel, and you should eat mackerel to see where you’re riding better! And be a bit more entertaining.”


Clear mind!

Improves the skin!


Heal inflammation!

Balance emotions!

Learn everything you need, filter out confusing information on the internet, and see the results.

  1. Omega 3
  2. Essential oils
  3. Aging formula (biochemistry, physiology, psychology)
  4. Youth formula (biochemistry, physiology, psychology)


Location: Spa Wellness Academy, Šetalište M. Tita 19/2, LOVRAN

Date: July 20, 2015

Time: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM


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