Heal your gut

Heal your gut

Can’t get rid of stress?

You’ve tried, but nothing works.

However, you’ve noticed that stress affects your body weight.

You may be gaining weight, you may be losing weight, but changes in weight are always linked to the amount of stress.


Different stressors occur in different periods of life.

You’re climbing the career ladder and want a happy family?


Your desires are greater than your possibilities? That means you’re in your thirties.

You don’t have enough strength, and you’re already bothered by recurring symptoms (headaches, back pain…)?

So, you’re in your forties.

Or are you constantly tired and lacking both strength and will?

Menopause, fifties.


Stress starts in the head, first manifesting itself in the intestines and digestion, and then wherever it goes.

If your mind is permeable to negative thoughts, then your intestines will be permeable to unhealthy substances.

Negative thoughts cause stress, and unhealthy food causes inflammation.


The key truth is – we are not what we eat, but what we absorb (let through).

You can eat very healthy and high-quality food, but if your intestines can’t absorb it, it just passes through you.

Why do many people lack iron? Because they have inflamed intestines, can’t absorb vitamin C, and then iron absorption is not possible either.

So, you don’t need to take iron, you need to heal your intestines.


The sad truth is that most people have inflamed intestines.

This means that high-quality food is often not absorbed because inflammation causes us to lose the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy absorption.

On the other hand, we absorb toxic substances because the intestinal villi are inflamed, sick, damaged, and unable to determine what should pass from the intestines into the blood and what should not.

Why is this so? The cause is stress. Physical and mental stress.


Physical and mental stress

Food is physical stress. Every food we put into our bodies is stress for the body. It’s a foreign substance, and the body has to react to it in some way.

The body has to choose how it will react to a substance, a food.

If we eat the same way and at the same time every day, the body is prepared (ready) for digestion.

This is the first step in healing the intestines if you decide to do so.

But if we eat irregularly and diversely, the body is not prepared for digestion, and digestion does not take place completely, toxic products remain. When I say diverse, I mean food prepared differently each time and food from different sources. Diversity also means buying bread from a different bakery each time (although I hope you bake your bread).

Diversity is also when you eat in restaurants, grab something from bakeries, eat on the go at a self-service, then a bit of healthy food from the market, and then homemade chicken from the neighbor….

If you add internet recipes to this, diversity will overwhelm you. Most of these recipes are mostly unsuitable for the physiology of the digestive tract and the capacity of the intestines.


The body was not created for the amount of food that we ingest. We teach even small children wrong by encouraging them to eat all the time, and we sadly reward them for eating more. The fear of reduced food intake is completely unfounded. The body uses 1000 calories a day, and we have reserves of 36,000. We can safely not eat or drink for 3 months!

A person’s strength needs to be very strong to digest such large quantities of food. Such people are rare.


To have strong energy, you need a strong healthy ego, because the body’s energy follows the energy of the mind.

Only those who are at peace with themselves, who acknowledge themselves, who have accepted themselves and their lives, who are connected to their roots, who are successful in life at all levels, who are healthy and who live their dreams have healthy egos.

Those who are not afraid of health or illness, life or death.

How many of these do you know?

There are about 1-3% of them.

But be like them, and you’ll be able to eat what you want and as much as you want.


If you’re not already, learn what’s important now.

What is the energy of the aura, body, thoughts, such is the energy of the intestines. If you can digest situations and people around you without any problems, you will be able to digest food as well.


What does the word “DIGEST” mean?

– To digest means: always be ready to digest

A person is ready to digest life when they are ready at all times to accept everything that happens to them in life, everything that comes to them. If not – mental stress follows.

With mental stress, the body and nerves are not relaxed, not enough enzymes and secretions are produced for digestion, and food remains undigested, turning into toxins.

The intestines are ready to digest if the food is ready for the intestines.

Food is ready for the intestines if the stomach was ready and provided enough enzymes and acid.


But if we are nervous or afraid, the stomach becomes nervous, painful, inefficient.

The stomach cannot perform its digestive function then, and large undigested portions of food enter the intestines and cause inflammation there.


– To digest means: to have the knowledge to digest

We need spiritual knowledge and awareness to understand where constant indigestion of certain situations, people (we cannot digest our faults, failures, characteristics, partner’s faults, current job’s faults, our parents’ faults, political faults…) leads us.

The intestines learn.

We learn with the mind and the body.

Don’t let your body have to say NO, recognize situations in which you don’t need to be, distance yourself from them, and you won’t have gastritis.


– To digest means: to have the strength to digest

The entire life needs to be balanced to have energy. Our successes and the satisfaction that comes from personal success strengthen our strength, strengthen our healthy ego and healthy identity.

That energy spills over into our digestion too. A body with a lot of strength has the strength to digest food. A strong organism has strong tone.


Pinch your cheeks. Are they firm or soft?

Your cheek condition is indicative of your intestinal tone.

Can an intestine with such tone push food towards the large intestine and take what the body needs (absorb)?

Looking a bit deeper, good tone means a stronger sympathetic than parasympathetic. However, as soon as it crosses the line, it turns into a spasm (cramp). Can a stiff muscle move something? Therefore, a constant balance is needed.


– To digest also means to know yourself

If we know ourselves, we become smarter, make smarter decisions. Being smart means not entering situations that frustrate us and drain us but entering situations that make us winners and ultimately boost our energy.

This does not mean that there won’t be problems, but if we are strong, we will solve problems immediately.

Very common mental stress in adults is the thought: “I can’t do it.” These are childhood emotions within us.

A child thinks (a child thinks it with good reason) that they can’t do it without the help of another person.

Children eventually get help, but adults who think “they can’t” usually wait for a miracle to happen (although they would never admit it or call it that) and in the end, they don’t solve anything.


Miracles exist, but you’re looking for them in the wrong place.

Standing and waiting for a situation to resolve leads to depression.

In the intestines, this manifests as a halt in the digestive process, food remaining in the intestines, rotting, and fermenting.

This leads to the poisoning of the entire body.

The brain is also poisoned because these gases reach the brain, weaken perception, and further hinder the resolution of ongoing issues.

A vicious circle is created.


A vicious circle

A vicious circle arises from unpreparedness.

You don’t meditate, you don’t exercise, you don’t eat healthily (how could you when you don’t know anything about it or you’re misinformed), you don’t learn, you don’t work on yourself.

You’re unprepared for life, and you’re unprepared to solve problems quickly.

You make the same mistakes for years. You turn your problem into a mantra (I don’t have time… I’m in a hurry… I’m always stressed… my husband will never change… I need to start exercising… I need to lose weight…). When something becomes a mantra, it becomes even more obvious.

You’re unprepared to solve problems quickly, and your intestines are unprepared for digestion.


What to do?

Stop reading about a healthy life and start practicing a healthy life with real concrete knowledge.


How to eat, how to digest?

Chew your food well and for a long time!


Do you want to eat quickly because you enjoy it more that way? You don’t have time to chew slowly? Okay. If you eat quickly and don’t have any digestive problems, you will.

If you have any symptoms of a chronic illness (rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, skin diseases, autoimmune diseases…), the first step towards healing is slow chewing of food.

Don’t forget this.

Don’t waste time on the wrong things; start with long chewing of food.

Some have healed their intestines with just this technique.


What else do you need to know?

You need to be aware of where your FOCUS is.

Your focus is in the wrong place.

You constantly think: what food is healthy?! Wrong.

The real focus is: is my digestion healthy? If it’s not, I want to know how to heal my digestion.

Digestion is connected to the mind, so let’s ask ourselves if our mind is healthy and how we take care to keep it healthy.


Kakav um, tako zračite

Svi vide tko ste – po Vašem hodu, stavu, snazi glasa, pogledu, riječima…svi vide kakav vam je tonus – snaga – energija.


As your mind, so you radiate.

Everyone sees who you are – by your walk, posture, strength of voice, gaze, words… everyone sees what your tone – strength – energy is like.

As you radiate, so you digest.

By not accepting (people, situations), you slow down your energy, and this is clearly manifested in physical symptoms of rotting and fermentation, which causes inflammation not only in the intestines but also in the ovaries, stomach, esophagus, and everything nearby.

The color of your skin shows the tone of your body, the purity of your thoughts and body.

Did you think you could solve inflamed intestines with some good amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen, ginger, zinc…?

Yes, you can.

This is a good step towards treating digestion. Physical discipline is a condition for mental discipline.

But do you want to digest people, situations, stress without problems?

This means that you will accept “bad situations, bad people” and you won’t constantly focus on that bad part but you will keep your focus where it’s “good and where there is your progress.”


Your body will learn to take in “everything good” and reject “everything bad.”

If you succeed in doing this, then you can eat bad food, and your body will not absorb toxins from it.

Remember, the intestinal mucosa and the bacteria living there are the body’s intelligence.


The brain determines which bacteria will live there. This intelligence decides what to keep in the body and what to discard. But if you have unintelligent bacteria, then you will keep garbage, and you will let vitamins, minerals, and nutrients go out. This will cause additional inflammation in the intestines and you will enter a vicious circle.

You will also stay in bad life situations, and those that are good for you will pass you by.

To make the right and good decisions for your life, you need to know yourself.

Self-knowledge is a prerequisite for any meaningful change.

Without self-knowledge, change is not possible.



Get to know yourself at the “Women’s Mind, Women’s Heart” workshop on November 25th and 26th in Zagreb.

The first step is to get to know yourself, your flaws, and the advantages that come with it.

We learn which life archetype prevails in us. We are born with this archetype, and we will die with it.

We need to get to know it, nurture it, and then we will be calm and satisfied.


The health of the body is the result of how we nourish the soul.

Get to know the 7 female archetypal behaviors:

  • ARTEMIS – a woman focused on achieving her goals, always very active, has many friends
  • ATHENA – a sensible, self-confident woman who doesn’t follow her heart but her mind
  • HESTIA – a patient and stable woman, enjoys solitude, radiates a sense of inviolability and completeness
  • HERA – the goddess of marriage, life is subordinated to marriage and a partner
  • DEMETER – a motherly type, with the urge to provide physical and spiritual support to children (often to others)
  • PERSEPHONE – eternal girl prone to submission, passivity, the need to please others, the desire to be needed by
  • AFRODITE – enjoys love and beauty, sexuality, and sensuality, encourages the fulfillment of creative ideas.

Each of these behaviors brings certain circumstances into our lives. It’s up to us to be on the right path.

For more information about the workshop, you can visit: http://mulier.hr/stitnjaca-debljanje-umor

“Life is too short to search for too long and too long to be everyone and anyone.”

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