Healthy pizza

Mediterranean lunch

Healthy pizza

You can believe it!

But if you can’t give up pizza and want to eat one that won’t make you feel sick (and you feel sick from the red sauce and cheese), here’s a recipe:

Dough from a wood-fired oven, olive oil, freshly chopped tomatoes, thinly sliced peppers (in circles), lots of pancetta, a little less kulen (spicy sausage), and lots of arugula added at the end of baking. It should be well-baked but not burnt! Finally, add olive oil again. Let it swim on the pizza.

So, according to the recipe I came up with, as Croatians say, “Ad hoc,” the staff of the DG pizzeria in Zagreb had an excellent first performance!

It took them a few tries, but they succeeded. The first time!
The pizza was excellent. I assume that if gluten bothers you (and it bothers anyone who cares about their health!), you can bring your gluten-free flour and cheese!

However, dough is dough. If you eat it more than twice a month, you’re making a big mistake.
Because it’s acidic food that’s not very nutritious.
Especially if it’s your main food, your regular meals.


Woe to you if you have risotto, pasta, and the like as your main dishes.

The theory of absurdity is maintained by geniuses who come up with recipes like “Gnocchi with 3 cheeses!”

Absurdly stupid and dangerous for your health.


You might as well swallow chewing gum, although I think that would cause a smaller inflammation.

So when something is stuck in your intestines and blocks the entrance, how can nutrients be absorbed and reach the cells?


The amount of time you devote to your diet speaks volumes about how much you love yourself.

I could say it’s proportional.

So, you don’t need a psychologist or psychiatrist to tell you this.


As I said (and you know if you read my articles), enjoyment is a sign that we’re still human.

There’s a saying, “living like a dog.” It mostly means eating like a dog. Just enough to survive.


You should prepare your meals. First, time-wise (allocate time every day, at least 90 minutes), financially (a large part of your earnings should be spent on good food), socially (choose your dining companions wisely!).


Because. What kind of person are you (according to the Mulier theory)?

  1. Does life pass you by?
  2. Do you only absorb the good in life, avoiding what’s bad for you?
  3. Does all the good in life pass you by, while all the bad sticks to you? (or do you stick to it?)


And now what?

1. If you’re type 1, you’re constantly missing opportunities, everything good and bad passes you by, you don’t see anything, and when it all passes, you wake up. And of course, you’re constantly stressed because your life is a swamp. How you behave in life is how your digestion behaves because it’s your basic energy.

So, people with colitis (inflammation of the intestines with diarrhea) often describe their lives this way: It’s like everything is passing me by. And it is! And the same thing happens with their digestion. Everything passes, nothing gets absorbed from the nutrients. Nothing good remains. But nothing bad remains either.

In their lives, good people don’t stay, nutrients from food aren’t absorbed…

Everything passes by…
You eat, but you’re skinny?

These are people who like to have numerous possibilities open. All the time. It gives them a sense of freedom. However, that freedom comes at a cost.


2. If you’re type 2 – You only absorb the good in life, avoiding what’s bad for you. I would say you’re smart. You know how to say “no” to what’s not good for you. You know how to say “yes” to what’s good for you, you notice good things. You don’t miss life opportunities. You absorb (stop in your life) good people, good situations, good food. You reject bad people, bad situations, bad food.

I would say you’re very healthy. Mentally and physically.

3. If you’re type 3 – Everything good in life passes you by, and everything bad sticks to you? (or do you stick to it?)

That would be a typical Croatian, the victim model, a person without responsibility for their life, a person who blames others for their failures. A person who spends most of their time with a cigarette in their mouth, whining and gossiping about others. And they wonder about life. They often talk about politics.

These are lost cases.

Only God can help them. Of course, if they decide to pray to God.

So, learn to eat well, so your body gets used to good energy.


And at the Mediterranean Rejuvenation Weekend, starting tomorrow… so much good food.

A royal lunch, a light sleep dinner, a raw Mediterranean lunch, a smart juice, a beauty dinner.

No pizza.


And the other day, my ex asked me: Who writes the titles for your articles? A legend!

And I thought he was lucid, intelligent, and fun. I guess something rubbed off on me while we were making love.

Because I’m type 2 (not always, but I try very hard)!

And all you bad guys, two!

Foto: Pexels

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