How Temperament Determines Susceptibility to Illnesses

How Temperament Determines Susceptibility to Illnesses

The way we walk already reveals a lot about us. It betrays confidence, insecurity, nervousness, relaxation, happiness, dissatisfaction… If we also consider a person’s facial expression, we can confirm this with certainty.

We are born with our temperament, and it doesn’t change. It’s our constitution that determines us physically and emotionally. We can gain 15 kg in weight, but our head circumference will never increase, our eye color won’t change, the size of our mouth and joints won’t change (unless they are inflamed and the tissue around them swells).

What changes is socially conditioned, and unfortunately, people change themselves to become someone else to please others. This is how illness arises.

Healing comes when a person returns to themselves, to their character, and satisfies their needs and pleasures.

There are various personality type classifications, and one of the most common is Kretschmer’s classification, which is used in clinical medicine. I will describe two basic types: picnic and asthenic.


1. Asthenic Type

An asthenic person is generally thin, nervous, and under the influence of their autonomic nervous system, they tend to have low blood pressure, fluctuations in blood sugar levels, and often reduced blood sugar levels (fear consumes large amounts of energy – sugar). Fear is the emotion most commonly felt, their heart rate is reduced, the number of leukocytes (white blood cells for the body’s defense) is reduced, and the number of lymphocytes is increased (leading to a higher frequency of allergies).

Asthenics are prone to pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, gastritis (this is a very common manifestation in asthenics – often thin people), stomach ulcers, organ prolapse (fallen uterus, sagging eyelids, sagging breasts…), hernias, schizophrenia (there is a whole range of mild manifestations of this disease, and in these people, they come to the fore under stress).

For people with an asthenic constitution, I recommend plenty of walking in the fresh air and in the sun, exercising a maximum of 2 times per week (best of all – beginner’s yoga, outdoor sports, horseback riding, swimming).

Insomnia should be resolved by going to bed by 10 pm. These people should eat before bedtime. For good sleep, turkey, milk, and bananas are good.

Druga ključna stvar je redovita detoksikacija (najbolji način je post jednom tjedno s voćnim i povrtnim sokovima). Trebali bi uzimati kurkumu uz jela, te redovito uzimati proizvode s klorofilom. Trebaju piti puno tekućine, po mogućnosti limunade sa javorovim sirupom.

Disanje je ključno za zdravlje svake osobe, pa tako i ovih mršavih nervoznih ljudi koji se najčesće brzo kreću, stalno kasne, često su površni, nedosljedni, ali i vrlo kreativni.

Prohodnost desne i lijeve nosnice se izmjenjuje svakih 90min kod zdrave osobe.

Naučite nadi shodana vježbe disanja za uravnoteženje i balans desne i lijeve strane (udah lijevo, izdah desno, udah desno, izdah lijevo…).


Komunikacija s bliskim osobama utjece na njihovo raspolozenje. Da bi mogli imati balansirano raspoloženje i dobre odnose, njima je potreban čest odmor u samoci (u tijeku dana, tjedna, mjeseca..), smirenje, resetiranje, planiranje.

2. Picnic Type

For them, I recommend sports like tennis (where they can express anger without consequences), and other competitive sports that are very motivating for them. They want to be winners. This gives meaning to every activity for them.

Balance is provided by a healthy diet, which they should pay attention to as it also means preventing serious chronic illnesses like heart problems and diabetes.

I also recommend breathing exercises to establish balance in their bodies.

Learn Nadi Shodhana Breathing Exercises for Balancing and Harmonizing the Right and Left Sides (Inhale Left, Exhale Right, Inhale Right, Exhale Left…).

Identify (and this is quite straightforward!) to which type you belong. If you want to be healthy, which means full of energy and attractive, behave in accordance with your nature.

Highlight your strengths and diligently work on your weaknesses.

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