How to find motivation

How to find motivation

Do you have your formula for finding motivation?

Motivation can be a driver of our activities but also a blockage to success.
That’s why it’s important, at the beginning of any change we want to introduce into our lives, to define what our motivation is and what we ultimately gain from it.
Many things appeal to us.
In one day, we might like a new way of eating, a different job, a new hobby, a new way of exercising, a new hairstyle, a new life, a new person, a new idea.


We need to ask ourselves what this change brings to our lives in the long term.
Define the benefits and personal gain.
Learn to distinguish between benefits and personal gain.

A benefit is the initial reason why we want something and is usually superficial.
Personal gain is our deep motivation and the satisfaction that comes from fulfilling that desire.


I want to eat healthier.
What’s the benefit of a new, healthier way of eating?
The benefit is that I’ll be healthier.

But what is the gain? WHAT DO I GET FROM IT – that’s the question you need to ask. That’s where motivation lies.
That’s where passion and desire are found.


How do we get there?


The golden question is WHY

Always ask WHY DO I WANT THIS?

Why do I want to be healthier:

  • To look more beautiful?
  • To have more energy for my child?
  • To engage in sports more?
  • To travel more?
  • To feel better?
  • To work more?
  • To find a better job?
  • To move?
  • To start a new project?
  • To improve my skin?
  • To desire what I want?
  • To care for self-realization instead of playing a role or seeking security?
  • …..

Once again, the golden question, WHY?

Why do I want to be more beautiful (when I become healthy):

  • To get a better job
  • To be braver and have more self-confidence
  • To receive admiration
  • To be a role model for my daughter
  • To be taken more seriously by people
  • To enjoy my beauty
  • To captivate him
  • To make life more enjoyable
  • To prove to myself that I care about myself
  • To have a healthy spirit in a healthy body
  • To feel better in my own skin
  • To appeal to my husband
  • Because it will be easier to get what I want
  • Because it’s the image of an ideal woman
  • Because I’ll be more successful in my career
  • Because all my friends are like that
  • Because my rival is like that
  • …..


Once again, the question, WHY?

Why do I want to get a new job (when I become more beautiful because I invest in my health):

  • Because I like the idea and image of being an attractive and successful businesswoman
  • Because it will provide/restore my self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Because it’s the job I want, and I can only get it if I look good and radiate energy
  • Because it’s a job I love
  • Because I’ll earn better on that job
  • Because that job will fulfill me
  • Because that job will make me happy
  • Because I will spiritually progress in that job
  • Because it’s more fun
  • Because he works there, and I want to be close to him
  • ….


Ask the WHY question repeatedly until you reach the point where you stop and feel “THIS IS IT.”

If the AHA moment is when you realize that this job brings fun and is your main motivation and benefit you desire, then you will take the first step and persevere.


You need to summon this feeling in moments of lost motivation.


Where does motivation usually hide, the feeling “this is it”?

Motivation lies where our deep, inner desires are, which is where you will find the need for:

  • A relationship with a partner, an inner desire for marriage
  • Relationships with friends, an inner desire for socializing with friends
  • Relationships with children, an inner desire for motherhood
  • Achieving a career goal, achieving a project, an inner desire for success
  • An adventure, an inner desire for new experiences
  • Peace and inner desire for contemplation, monotony
  • Creativity, an inner desire for the sensuality of the body and the wonders of the soul


So, motivation is where the inner desire is.

You need to learn how to turn that inner desire (sometimes you need to rediscover it) into motivation.


If you yearn for company and conversation but are constantly alone, you will wither away.

You do things that don’t motivate you.


Life should be motivating!


Returning to yourself, getting to know yourself again is the task of every woman in her 40s.

If you have even a little dissatisfaction and wake up in the morning feeling moody and unmotivated, take the first step.


“Life is too short to search for too long and too long to be everything and everyone.”


You need motivation to change your diet, to heal, to lose weight, to find the right people for you, the right city, the right situations, the right dreams.


Find out what your motivation is.

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