The Mulier health and wellness programmes are conducted at Mulier Holistic Centre, in the beautiful medieval Mediterranean City of  Šibenik, boasting two UNESCO-listed Monuments (St. James’ Cathedral and St. Nicholasʼ Fortress)

Šibenik lies in the heart of Mediterranean Croatia, 80 km from Split and 80 km from Zadar.
All three cities are known as centres rich in culture and history.
For centuries, different cultures have left their mark here, like Romans, Venetians, Austro-Hungarians, Italians, Ottomans and the French Empire.

If you would like to have excursions after finishing Mulier health programme, Šibenik is your ideal starting point for any destination as it is located in the middle of the Adriatic which guarantees quick access to one of the 1000 Croatian islands. If you are a nature lover you should visit some of the 2 national parkand 3 nature parks which are located in the immediate vicinity.


IF you travel by car

GPS coordinates for Mulier Holistic centre, Šibenik, Croatia:

N 43°43ʼ38“ – E 15°54ʼ21“

Distances by car between some European cities and the City of Šibenik: 
London – Šibenik                        1932 km
Roma – Šibenik                            571 km
Venice – Šibenik                          583 km
Vienna-Šibenik                            694 km
Munich Šibenik                         789 km
Milano – Šibenik                          827 km
Zurich-Šibenik                            1098 km 
Paris – Šibenik                            1628 km




The closest airports to Mulier holistic centre, Šibenik, Croatia

SPLIT AIRPORT (about 47 km to Mulier Holistic Centre)

ZAGREB AIRPORT (about 340 km to Mulier Holistic Centre)

ZADAR AIRPORT (about 73 km to Mulier Holistic Centre)

  • We can organise for your transport to/from the railway station/airport.
    Transport cost separately invoiced.



If you NEED A TRAVEL AGENCY to help organise your trip here and help you with excursions:

Travel agency in the City of Šibenik: 
25 things to know about Croatia’s UNESCO Fortress City of Šibenik, see here.



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