How to get rid of chronic pain

How to get rid of chronic pain

Pain in the body or in the soul primarily arises due to a lack of oxygen in the cell. A hypoxic cell cannot breathe, cannot function, and sends a pain signal.

Another cause is cell dehydration.
This is why many people have high cholesterol levels today.
Contrary to the misconception that high cholesterol is caused by fatty food, high cholesterol is caused by stress. It’s cellular stress. Its levels increase because in a dehydrated cell, it coats its inner walls to prevent further dehydration, thus saving the cell from death.

How does a cell run out of oxygen?
It happens after the body tenses up due to fear, anxiety, stress, or when the mental capacity is reduced by spinning in a circle of negative thoughts.

The first aid for severe and sudden pain is hydration – drinking large quantities of quality water. This certainly isn’t water from plastic bottles (which can be especially dangerous in summer as it can be a source of bacteria), but rather natural spring water (water from Lika is extremely high-quality and tasty), purified water (there are various types of purifiers on the market), Donat Mg (from glass bottles).
Another safe option is magnesium 375 mg, which relaxes the muscles in the body, thus allowing better oxygen flow.

But what happens when the body tenses up or when negative thoughts start?
Breathing decreases. In such stress reactions, a person can reduce their breathing capacity to a minimum. It’s a miracle that many are still alive. Some maintain this state of stress and minimal breathing throughout 100% of their lifetime. Even when situations arise where they can relax, they cannot, and their thoughts keep them trapped in stressful situations, as if the stress were real.

Breathing deeply, learning breathing techniques can save your life!
Unless you want to live in the captivity of stress and chronic pain.

There are a number of excellent techniques that can quickly help those suffering from chronic pain (migraines, headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, abdominal pain, ovarian pain, hemorrhoids, joint pains…).

Most importantly, it’s the decision to want to get rid of chronic pain and to be consistent.
Sometimes chronic pain is an excuse to avoid obligations, people, events. Think about which ones? And is the pain too high a price to pay for avoidance?

If you have decided to get rid of the pain, you can choose from one of the following methods:

  • EFT tapping technique (mental release from negative thoughts)
  • Nadi Shodhana breathing technique (balancing between the right and left sides of the brain, i.e., between the rational and emotional parts)
  • Ujjayi breathing technique (deep abdominal breathing)
  • Singing (deep abdominal breathing with singing techniques – tone release – can be very beneficial!)
  • Autogenic training (conscious relaxation of the body)
  • Mindfulness meditation (non-resistance, acceptance, relaxation)
  • TM meditation (repeating a mantra that eliminates negative thoughts)
  • Personal meditation (individually determined sentence that relaxes at any moment)
  • Viniyasa yoga (breathing in motion)
  • Jogging yoga (alternating breathing through the mouth and nose, high oxygenation of cells)
  • Sound stretching yoga (exercise with singing, deep cell oxygenation)

Apart from insufficient breathing capacity leading to pain, another cause to pay attention to that triggers chronic pain is inflammation in the body.
You may have inflammation in the liver, blood vessels, joints, intestines, skin… but inflammation in one organ manifests itself throughout the body.
Consult your doctor to determine the cause of inflammation and treat it as soon as possible.

However, in addition to treating the cause of inflammation, I strongly recommend using green magma, flaxseed oil, turmeric, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and essential oil approved for oral use with advice from an aromatherapist and a doctor.

Chronic pain is a matter of lifestyle.

If you want to change your lifestyle, decide on the first step towards getting rid of chronic pain and heading towards a life that is lived to the fullest.


Meri Bura, MD

Holistic centre Mulier

Foto: Pexels

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    Meri Bura, MD
    Meri Bura, MD

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