I digest in my mind

I digest in my mind

I need time to digest. It’s impossible to process all the impressions in a hurry.

I eat slowly, a lot, I don’t stop eating, but I also rest a lot. I stand in silence and consciously digest. I digest the lamb from lunch, some nasty comments calling me out, some strange symptoms from a patient with a simple diagnosis, my dog scratching himself all day. In that peace and silence, with awareness of all the ingredients and their connections, I draw meaningful conclusions, I think like this – I digest. So, here it is:

– I understand that lamb might not be the best choice for me, that it doesn’t agree with my blood type, and it makes sense because I really feel it in me much stronger than it should be (that lamb takes my energy, robs the strength I want to use for other things today). If I think about it a bit more, it doesn’t bring me as much pleasure as a good homemade fatty chicken does – from which I fly all day! So, in peace, I’ll try to digest this lamb that has burdened me, and even though I know I won’t resist fatty ribs and salty skin again, I’m sure I’ll eat slower, eat less, and eat less often, i.e., avoid lamb. But I don’t care, nor will I settle scores with my conscience over this hard-to-digest lamb. The ratio of my good and bad habits is on the side of the good. My satisfaction doesn’t depend on strictness towards myself but on discipline.

Because discipline is my virtue. That means I always RETURN to discipline, not to my vices and weaknesses. That’s the DIFFERENCE. Who and what do you ALWAYS RETURN TO? Where do you pull yourself – where you strengthen yourself and your strength or where you don’t love yourself? Tricky.


– I digest a nasty comment about my character, and instead of defending myself, I take that person’s truth as definitive, I accept it – because only that way can I change something (either myself or the other person’s attitude towards me). Now that it’s accepted, I see it better, more comprehensively, I see the surface of that truth but also the depth of its possibilities in all directions. I accept it, forgive myself, forgive the other person. Now I’m free to act differently. I’m free to be disobedient. I digested my flaw in peace, I digested my virtue in peace, and from well-digested and absorbed ingredients of old truths, I create a new life. A new decision, a new attitude.

– For the strange symptoms of a patient with a simple diagnosis, I have no solution. But I want to have one. I don’t understand. But knowledge won’t help here. Knowledge is temporary. Even when I learn, repeat, work, I forget again. The only thing I have permanently is my instinct. That’s why I observe and think about her energy. Where is her disturbed, troubled energy? The root. And I quickly understand why. And I quickly come up with a solution. But I’m not looking for a solution in a hurry; I let the solution come to me. I think with my own brain and my own gut.

The only thing we truly possess is our instinct. The only thing always usable. So, strengthen it.


– In peace, I also think about my dog who scratches himself all day. Why? I play the movie of where we’ve been, walked, what he eats, what we’ve changed in the daily routine, I examine him, everything – breathing, mucous membranes, eyes, tongue, fur, behavior… And I don’t understand. I think – what’s causing the itching? Ok. Whatever it is, I’m going with an essential oil spray. The first decision. I’ll try it for a few days; if it doesn’t help, we’re going to the vet. I plan my time, activities. I SOLVE ONE THING AT A TIME. I have my priorities: – the patient – the dog – my character – lamb


I don’t want a burnout like all women fall into because they do several things at the same time… I want to be like men because they have less stress since they do one thing at a time.

I want to be like my dad, not like my mom. He makes salsa by sitting at the table, peeling and chopping tomatoes for about an hour, then standing by the stove for another hour, and during that time, he’s not even capable of answering questions, let alone anything more. What school is for me, I enjoy watching him in that meditative cooking state. With wonderful consequences for my spirit, his spirit, and our stomachs because that food is full of love, peace, pleasure. Because slower is finer – as Arsen Dedić said.

I want to add that every rule has an exception, so slow is not good for some people. Which group do you belong to?

The worst thing is if you don’t know.

Who are you? Do you know yourself? Self-awareness is the basis of spiritual progress.

Without spiritual progress, there is no happiness.

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    Meri Bura, MD
    Meri Bura, MD

    Intoxication, obesity, Thyroid problems, fatigue - require healing for both, souls and bodies. Body healing begins with a change in diet. The soul is healed with professional support and investment in knowledge. "Life is too long to be sick and too short to take too long."

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