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Dr. Meri Bura: “Thyroid diseases can be helped by a healthy lifestyle and an individual holistic recommendation”

Everything about women’s health and thyroid diseases will be covered by the weekend education on holistic prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases, obesity and fatigue, which will be held in Šibenik, from October 15 to 17, 2021.

Thyroid diseases are becoming increasingly common health problems worldwide, and they require a comprehensive approach – from assessing organ function to making lifestyle changes. The holistic approach and the Mulier method, developed by Dr. Meri Bura, consider the entire life situation of individuals. Besides medication therapy, they provide support through advice on nutrition, exercise, rest, sleep, stress management, and more. Investing in psycho-physical health leads to long-term results and a happier, more fulfilling life that every woman should aim for.

These and many other topics related to women’s health will be covered by the weekend education on holistic prevention and treatment of thyroid disease, obesity and fatigue, which will be held from October 16 to 17, 2021 in Šibenik. While waiting for the education, which you can find information about the panels and registration below, we spoke with Dr. Meri Bura about some burning questions related to thyroid disorders.

What are the main factors of thyroid disorders and which gender is more prone to them and why?

Experts say that today, every third woman suffers from some form of thyroid disease. From my experience, women with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis have a history of prolonged stress that lasts for years, primarily related to physical and emotional exhaustion, without ‘recharging’ through rest, leisure, care, intimate communication, fulfilling life, healthy lifestyle.

The thyroid needs a range of nutritional components, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, but sometimes even if there are enough of them, digestive problems can be an obstructive factor. So, we must consider the current functions of all organs plus the lifestyle.

Do negative emotions (stress, sadness, anger, etc.) play a bigger role in thyroid disorders than we think?

Negative emotions aren’t negative if they serve a purpose. Anger can drive us, sadness can cleanse us, but chronic sadness and anger certainly don’t bring us happiness. Emotions affect hormone function and the autonomic nervous system, indirectly influencing organ function. Prolonged sadness and long-term anger caused by reality or internal primary psycho-emotional constitution are certainly a basis for thyroid disease.

What are the main symptoms of thyroid disorders?

There are many symptoms that women with these disorders can experience. I’ll list some symptoms and laboratory findings that occur in women with hypothyroidism based on my experience. Some of these include pathological values of TSH, pathological values of thyroid hormones T3 and T4, pathological antibody values, pathological ultrasound findings, more frequent low estrogen values, less frequent high estrogen values. Additionally, menstrual problems, infertility, and polycystic ovaries can occur. Also, low and high cortisol values, low progesterone values, ferritin and vitamin values (most commonly D and B12), and high mineral values (selenium).

Pathological values of liver enzymes, high lipid values, and food intolerances can also be symptoms. Furthermore, more frequent low blood pressure and orthostatic hypotension, weak immunity, frequent infections, and chronic viral infections, especially EBV, HSV, and CMV. High values of certain heavy metals, parasites, and fungi (most commonly Candida albicans) as well as chronic bacterial infections, mainly E. coli and cystitis, can be present. Digestive problems often occur, most commonly in the form of bloating and constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, belching, and hemorrhoids.

Can there be changes in the skin, in libido, and even in speech? What other symptoms can occur?

Regarding the skin, it can become dry, and acne, facial redness, allergies can occur, and nails can become brittle. But the most alarming symptom for a woman is dry, falling hair. Reduced libido and dry vagina are also common symptoms, along with headaches, migraines, anxiety, occasional depression. Memory and concentration can also be weakened, and muscle pain and tingling in the hands and feet can occur.

Swelling in the face and body, joint pain, difficulties with body weight, even swallowing problems and changes in voice quality in the form of slow speech, can also occur. Chronic fatigue, palpitations, feelings of cold, loss of exercise interest, morning exhaustion, despondency, and insomnia are also possible symptoms. Furthermore, thyroid problems in the family must not be neglected.

Today, more and more young people, especially women, have problems with thyroid health. Why do you think this is so?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s an energy issue because lost and invested energy needs to be restored. Sometimes sleep is enough, but in advanced forms, even that doesn’t help. In such cases, even when they sleep normally, women feel tired, lacking energy, and motivation when they wake up in the morning.

How does a holistic approach help here? How does it differ from conventional medical methods?

A holistic approach means that we consider the entire life situation and treat everything together, not just the organ’s function. Besides medications prescribed by a doctor, a woman needs advice on nutrition, exercise, rest, sleep, work conditions, communication skills, anti-stress methods.

You are the founder of the Mulier treatment method. What does it mean and how does it help in the treatment of thyroid disorders?

The Mulier method focuses on emotional, hormonal, and spinal health. This is essential to achieve long-term results, which involve lifestyle changes and investing time in oneself.

What are the steps included in the Mulier therapy?

The first step is always nutrition. Each person with thyroid problems is different, so some may need an anti-inflammatory diet, detoxification, an alkaline diet, a blood type diet, an anti-allergy diet, or a diet with a low glycemic index. After stabilizing the body with food (chemistry), we add physical methods like exercise, and finally, anti-stress therapy. Education is additional motivation to maintain good results.

How can we prevent problems with the functioning of the thyroid in the first place, that is, how can we keep it healthy for as long as possible?

Sometimes there’s a positive family history that increases the likelihood of illness, but a healthy lifestyle, individual holistic recommendations, and correctly chosen and individually dosed preparations will certainly help.

Prevention is also one of the topics you will deal with at the weekend education in Šibenik, which will be held from October 15 to 17 this year. Can you briefly tell us what awaits us there?

Everything about women’s health. We will talk to expert doctors about emotions, physical health, hormones, digestion, thyroid treatment, new therapies, drug interactions, nutrition, liver and detoxification, anti-aging, stress and anti-stress. Through the holistic approach, we will cover everything that influences a woman’s health to raise awareness and teach women what to pay attention to and where to seek help.

In addition, there will be many useful gifts from sponsors for women and their health, as well as promotional prices for services and products after the education. So, I invite all women to join us in person or online for the Thyroid Education on October 16, 2021, where we will share all about healthy lifestyles.

You have gathered a number of experts who will together with you present this pressing problem, as well as its solutions. Can you list some for us?

In the mental health panel, we have two expert psychologists, Ljubica Uvodić Vranić and Maja Vučić, who will talk to us about the levels of psychological problems experienced by women with thyroid disease, as well as Dr. Jagoda Džaja, who will describe the psychological profile of women with thyroid disease and their needs.

In the physical health panel, we have specialist doctors. Dr. Jozo Jelčić, an endocrinologist, will provide a comprehensive insight into a woman’s hormonal system, while Dr. Ljerka Karadža Lapić, an otorhinolaryngologist, will discuss the timing of thyroid surgery. Dr. Suzana Mimica Matanović, a clinical pharmacologist, will draw attention to the side effects of taking multiple medications and natural preparations.

We will also hear the experiences, comments, and recommendations of Dr. Ljiljana Vidošević, who runs a thyroid outpatient clinic, and Dr. Tomislav Čižmešija, a family doctor who is educated in various methods of integrative medicine. Furthermore, Dr. Jeanette Gjurić, an anesthesiologist and acupuncturist with experience in classical and traditional Chinese medicine in her Sinteza polyclinic, will share her expertise. Dr. Maša Hrelec Patrlj from the Holistera holistic center will tell us all about advanced methods for cancer treatment and recovery.

Experts will share their knowledge and experience on the panel on nutrition, regeneration and anti-stress?

In the online nutrition panel, Dr. Ursula Muntean Rock, a general practitioner and acupuncturist from the Austrian clinic Original FX Mayr, will present how they implement holistic treatment in practice. Additionally, Dr. Mirjana Kalauz, an experienced gastroenterologist, will give a brief lecture on fatty liver and inflamed intestines (for live attendees only), and we’ll touch on digestion as the first line of treatment.

We will introduce you to the Hepafast preparation, successfully indicated by Dr. Worm-trained doctors for the treatment of fatty liver to prevent digestive and hormonal problems, and it’s highly effective in obesity and weight loss therapy. Also, Dr. Lejla Kažinić Kreho, a physician and nutritionist, will draw attention to important aspects of food through an online lecture.

What can we expect from the panels on regeneration and anti-stress?

In the regeneration panel, we’ll ask plastic surgeon Dr. Duduković about recommended rejuvenation methods. Dr. Haris Boko, dean of Cotrugli MBA, head of Croatia’s national health strategy, and course instructor for clinical ultrasound application, will share his perspective. Dr. Sanja Malbaša, creator of the Teenlift method of natural rejuvenation, will hold an online lecture explaining how the method helps with a range of health issues, and Nausheen Quereshi, an experienced biochemistry engineer who creates creams for major global brands, will share her advice in an online lecture.

In the anti-stress panel, I will provide a connection between the body and lifestyle to help our participants become aware of aspects of their lives that can be changed for their benefit. After a brief lecture, there will be a practical session with anti-stress exercises.

Who can sign up for the education, and how?

All women are invited – patients, pharmacists and doctors. The goal of this education is to connect experts and patients so that disease detection, prevention and treatment are as successful as possible. You can register on the website: I look forward to spending time with all of you!

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    Meri Bura, MD
    Meri Bura, MD

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