IntoxDetox – Or how to find physical and mental balance

how to find physical and mental balance

What is life?

Intoxication or detoxification?

I’ll give an example of both through nutrition.


As a child, you crave sweets and/or fast food. If your mom is a good cook, you’ll enjoy cakes or pastries at least once a week. This continues throughout childhood, and you become addicted to the sweetness of life.
What happens with continuous consumption of sweets?
If you are a very active child and play outside all day (which might not be so common nowadays), there’s a good chance you’ll burn those carbohydrates (even though physical activity isn’t always directly related to calorie expenditure).
However, there’s a significant chance that your body stores excess carbohydrates as fat in adipose tissue.
And the body remembers this event.

It becomes a habit, and this habit has a sequence: a craving for sweets, pleasure (positive), and the possibility of gaining weight (negative).
I won’t go into detail here about the hormonal imbalances that occur with continuous consumption of sweet foods, but those will manifest sooner or later.
I won’t talk here about the emotional reasons for consuming sweet foods and inheriting certain behaviors within families (so it’s not surprising that we inherit the same diseases).

In any case, there’s a high probability that such a person, as they grow up, continues with the habit of consuming sweets. This is intoxication of the body.
Personally, I never ate sweets as a child, so no one can say there’s no child whose mom doesn’t make cakes.

However, where is the balance here?
After intoxication, detoxification should follow.
What does that mean? Do you need to go on a detox program? You need it occasionally, especially if you’re over 40, but…
The body itself undergoes detoxification processes every night. If this didn’t happen, we would die.
However, there are some rules. For the body to start the detoxification process, it needs at least 6 hours without eating! If your last meal was at 6 PM, then detoxification starts at midnight. The body cleanses itself during the night. At the cellular level, sodium and all waste products are expelled from the cell. This prepares the cell for new challenges the next day.
If you ate late and the detoxification process started late, there’s a good chance that your body still has many toxins to eliminate in the morning. That’s why it’s an unforgivable nutritional recommendation that breakfast should be royal.

If you want to be healthy, if you want mental clarity and a strong body, then your (first) breakfast should consist of liquids and plenty of fruit (which contains a lot of fluids) in the first 2-3 hours after waking up. After that, you can eat what’s necessary. Women with thyroid problems are best off eating a protein-rich meal early, and children need carbohydrates… everyone has their own needs.
Fluids and fruit in the morning allow the body to eliminate toxins that have accumulated from the previous day and night.

That’s crucial.
The body needs twice as much time for detoxification as the time you spent on intoxication.

And something else. To expel sodium from the cell, and therefore toxins, two key things are needed: an adequate amount of light (which means outdoor activity, not just in the gym!) and an adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids.
Omega-3 fatty acids enable light to enter the cell and initiate the processes.

In summary, if you’ve decided to eat sweets and/or fast food, then you need to know that it’s intoxication. It’s okay (not entirely!), as long as you make sure to give your body a chance to cleanse itself (exercise, sunshine, don’t eat late at night, eat fruit and drink plenty of fluids in the morning).

Suma sumarum, ako ste odlučili jesti slatkiše I/ili fast food, onda trebate znati da je to intoksikacija. To je u redu (ne u potpunosti!), sve dok vodite računa da tijelu trebate dati šansu da se očisti (kretanje, sunce, ne jesti kasno navečer, ujutro doručkovati voće I piti puno tekućine).

If you don’t do this, you’ll feel bloated, sluggish, tired, and chronic health problems will worsen.

I’ve mentioned a few examples of intoxication:
– Regular consumption of sweets and/or fast food
– Eating late at night
– A heavy breakfast instead of fruit and fluids in the morning
– Lack of physical activity
– Lack of sunlight exposure

– Insufficient intake of omega-3 fatty acids

Where else are these issues?
– Details like combining foods incorrectly, which can lead to undigested food producing more waste products than the body can benefit from (such as eating meat and bread together…)
– Eating meals on the go, which increases stress and activates the sympathetic nervous system (which slows down digestion, leading to constipation)
– Eating meals at irregular times, preventing the stomach from preparing sufficient hydrochloric acid and enzymes for digestion
– Insufficient chewing, which reduces enjoyment because carbohydrates aren’t fully digested in the saliva, and the food remains undigested
– Eating quickly, which sends unprepared food from the mouth to the stomach, creating toxins

So, if you truly want to enjoy life, consciously establish a bit of order for yourself and your body.
Stick to your health discipline. It will bring you more energy and greater intelligence (a clearer mind reveals where hygiene or detox is at work).
Enjoy your food, eat as much as you want, but LEARN how to eat correctly, PRACTICE it.
If you enjoy your food, you’ll never get fat.
Every pleasure fosters self-confidence, which promotes discipline… and then you see for yourself.

IntoxDetox happens every minute!

In fact, the most important intoxication and detoxification is breathing.
Air is the most important food (so think carefully about where you live). With each exhale, we release what we don’t need.
A healthy exhale lasts precisely twice as long as the inhale. We need twice as much time to remove things from our bodies as we do to receive them.

We need twice as much time to get rid of things as we need to receive them.

This is how our mind and emotions work as well.

For example, as children, we quickly accept our parents’ opinions and attitudes in certain situations, but it takes much longer for us to let go of them when those attitudes are no longer beneficial for us.

Emotions work the same way.

Do you get angry quickly? How long does it take for you to calm down?

Regarding mental and emotional IntoxDetox, read more in the following parts…

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