Is love a problem or a driving force? Plus a quiz…

Is love a problem or a driving force

Is love a problem or a driving force?



love freeIf it were perhaps the Middle Ages and you were hopelessly in love, you would run to the local witch for a love potion.

Your beloved would be in your embrace again. And happiness would have no end.
Why is love so important to us? The great Dante Alighieri said at the end of his Divine Comedy, after passing through hell, purgatory, and heaven: “At the end of the journey… there is love that moves both the sun and the stars!”
Love can solve every trap, every problem.
Today’s ubiquitous stress is a reflection of the lack of love. Lack of self-love. And then, love for a partner, parents, children, colleagues, friends… You have no patience. And patience shows whether there is love or not.

Where do you feel love? In the back of your head? In your little toe? Between your shoulder blades (that’s where the lack of love is felt!)? Why in the belly? That’s our center, the center of the body and spirit, the center of the ego (which has been unnecessarily devalued lately).
When you’re in love, you surrender, you trust the person you like. In a way, you give that person power over you. How? By fulfilling your expectations.

But what if that doesn’t happen?

What are the symptoms of unhappy love? Depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, unresponsiveness to the world around you, deep pain, a strong sense of loss (you’ve only lost yourself and your future projection!), neglect of dressing, difficulty in performing daily tasks…

Since love has a great impact on the quality of our lives, why not invest in its quality and ensure that we experience the best version of ourselves!

How to bring the conflicting parts of your being into balance?
Your soul mate hasn’t arrived yet or has escaped… all of this can disturb your life force and cause illness and impotence.

The first step is desire.
That’s easy.
I want love.


The second step is self-confidence.
Lack of self-confidence causes loneliness because you don’t approach anyone, or “bad” specimens approach you, further undermining your self-confidence.

Are you not communicative? Do you want to open up to your partner? Take homeopathic Natrium Sulphuricum.

Do you have stage fright, palpitations, and a trembling voice?
The homeopathic remedy Gelsemium can reduce your stage fright to the point where you don’t make a fool of yourself.

You’ve already gone through numerous disappointments. Are you heavy and depressed? Take homeopathic Acidum Phosphoricum.

Are you often stressed because your partner puts you in dangerous and unpredictable situations? Take homeopathic Rhus Toxicodendron. Or do you fail to represent your interests in the relationship? Take homeopathic Psorinum.

Do you feel unprotected and want your partner to protect you like a mother? Take homeopathic Lac humanum.


The third step is physical appearance.

If your hair shines, and you feel beautiful, you’ll attract someone more easily. But what if your hair is split, dry, brittle, and greasy, etc.?

There are quality natural (with rosemary) and synthetic hair masks, homeopathic preparations, vitamin A, vitamin C; seek medical help to determine if you have thyroid problems, etc.

If your eyes sparkle, there’s a good chance someone will notice you. But what if you have swollen eyes?

You can solve swelling with chamomile compresses, homeopathic preparations, depending on whether your eyes swell in the morning or evening, whether you have allergies, kidney problems, etc.

Excess weight? A quick diet with Mastercleanse? Or the Mulier diet with long-term results?


Scars? Helichrysum essential oil is the first choice, especially if you dilute it with lady’s thistle oil.

Do you get pimples from excitement? Take homeopathic Calcium Phosphoricum or Causticum or Kalium bromatum or Medhorrinum. Consult with a homeopath.

And what to do when a relationship breaks down? What is the first aid?

And how to re-enter a relationship wholeheartedly?

There are several ways.

dr Meri Bura




(one correct answer)

1. What is love?
A good shoes
B infatuation with Brad Pitt
C patience for yourself and others

2. How to achieve love?
A in the countryside
B in the city
C with patience for yourself and others

3. How to choose between two handsome guys?
A for the richer one
B for the dumber one
C for the one who has patience for me

4. What is the difference between love and infatuation?
A love is food, infatuation is hunger
B love is blind, infatuation sees
C love is green, infatuation is yellow

5. How to get true love into your life?
A by dyeing myself blonde
B by buying Viagra
C by loving myself (patience with oneself)

6. What to do when I fall in love?
A run away
B undress
C surrender and see what happens

Correct answers:
c, c, c, a, c, c


What Was That Thing Called Love? – Oliver Dragojevic

Remind me, what was that thing called love, and to be in love, if only for a moment…

Foto: Pixabay

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