Large Belly

debljanjeLarge Belly, veliki trbuh

“Large belly” is not a Native American name.
It’s an alarm!

Maybe you don’t care because you’re a sexy seductress and hedonist, but what are the long-term consequences?

Weight gain is a disturbance of vital energy, a disruption of our vitality.
It leads to illness. It changes you as a person. You become someone else. You become old. And old means you’re no longer beautiful.

What does it mean when we say we’ve gained weight?

It can happen due to some of the following scenarios:

– We swell due to a lack of progesterone, which is a natural diuretic
Progesterone is lacking when there’s an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone.
It’s lacking when we’re stressed, and in that case, too much cortisol is produced (cortisol and progesterone originate from the same chemical compound, and sometimes there isn’t enough for both).
If progesterone is lacking (or there’s an excess of estrogen), we need to get rid of excess water.
But if we have too many proteoglycans (toxins) in the body, we need to start with a diet and weight loss.

– We swell due to heart and kidney diseases
The reasons are high blood pressure and elevated blood fats, which hinder kidney function.

– We’re bloated because of poor digestion
We eat too quickly, and food doesn’t get digested properly.
We eat at irregular times, and the stomach is never ready to produce hydrochloric acid.
We eat food we’re intolerant to.
We eat toxic food.
We lack enough enzymes.
We eat wrong combinations of indigestible foods.
Bad bacteria produce large amounts of gas.
We suffer from constipation and retain stool in the body.
We eat when stressed (especially then!).

– We get a “muffin top” around our waist
This is the so-called cortisol belly, a stress belly.
We accumulate fat around the intestines.
We accumulate fat around digestive organs like the liver, resulting in a fatty liver (the consequences are a lack of thyroid hormones, excess estrogen…).
If we have a fatty liver and a “muffin top,” there’s a high chance our pancreas is also fatty, leading to diabetes.
If our digestive organs are fatty, they function less effectively.
The biggest problem with fat around organs is that it creates inflammation! And inflammation is a silent killer.

Some gain weight evenly throughout their bodies; these are primarily women with a predominance of progesterone.
Some gain weight around their hips; these are primarily women with a predominance of estrogen. Some gain weight around the belly; these are primarily women with a predominance of testosterone.

Women who don’t gain weight have balanced hormones and a healthy body. But let’s not forget that even slim people can have a belly.
The belly changes our appearance, our gait, our spinal health, our digestive health, our energy levels, the health of our ovaries, bladder, and, in extreme cases, even our breathing.

Trbuh mijenja naš izgled, mijenja način na koji hodamo, mijenja zdravlje kralježnice, zdravlje probave, stanje energije, zdravlje jajnika, mokraćnog mjehura, a u krajnjim slučajevima i disanje.

We don’t want to be inflamed, we don’t want to be fat.
We don’t want to be stressed.

We want a flat belly and walk upright like every normal “homo erectus.”
Not like hunched witches.

The key is in the belly.
The belly needs to be addressed.


– By detoxifying the liver
– With a dietary plan that is not focused on foods but on digestion
– If you want me to recommend foods, then it’s the LOGI diet and LCHF diet

But first and foremost, detoxification.

Liver detoxification according to Dr. Worm is one way you can detoxify at home, reduce belly fat, and cleanse the liver of fat, reducing inflammation in the digestive tract.

This detox is carried out with a product called Hepafast, which is a high-quality protein powder taken with low glycemic index foods.
Only a doctor educated in liver detoxification according to Dr. Worm and educated in the LOGI diet can prescribe Hepafast.

Contact information for doctors: HERE

Where do you gain weight?

Do you look like an apple? Pear? Hourglass? Banana?

Those who gain weight in the form of an apple are most likely to endanger their health.
These are the ones who gain weight around the waist.

Contact us for a consultation, start with a dietary plan, lose weight, and be beautiful and upright.
Be healthy, prevent high blood pressure, high blood fats, autoimmune diseases, hormonal diseases.
Prevent aging and stay vital.

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    Meri Bura, MD
    Meri Bura, MD

    Intoxication, obesity, Thyroid problems, fatigue - require healing for both, souls and bodies. Body healing begins with a change in diet. The soul is healed with professional support and investment in knowledge. "Life is too long to be sick and too short to take too long."

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