Life in your 40s

Life in your 40s

I suggest we talk about experience and truth, about creation, not about the impression you leave and how you conquer but about the real and the false ego.

You can leave an impression with beauty, hairstyle, an expensive car, status, education, social position, successful children, a curvaceous figure, a sharp tongue, or by presenting yourself naked.


With what do you conquer?

Do you know how to conquer?

A partner, friends, business partners…?

How should you conquer?


Do more to be even more successful, educate yourself more to be even smarter, invest in plastic surgery to be more beautiful, be sharper to stand out more, or strip yourself down to your skin and show yourself to the world?


The truth will set you free – said the most important man who ever lived on Earth.

I love listening to him and consulting with him.

You decide for yourself.


But if you are in your middle years and you are not happy and fulfilled, then you have not released the truth from within you, you have not shown it, you do not have confidence in your virtues and love for your flaws.

How did I even start writing this unusual article?

I’m sitting on the terrace with my first morning tea, looking at the sea.

I think about how much I love sitting and looking at the sea and how this activity is so dear and fulfilling to me that I don’t miss social engagement at all.

Then I think about how all social events are boring to me because everyone is retelling the ego details of their lives just to briefly shine in the role of a smart parent, a successful entrepreneur, a seductive woman, a good cook…

I’m no different. I get carried away.

In society, I often hear myself retelling an event and trying to make sure the listener hears only the part where I am wonderful.

We rarely talk about the truth, about the genuine experience.

We, in our 40s, need a group of people who laugh, people who create together. People who discuss. Like Luis Bunuel and the surrealists in my favorite book, “My Last Sigh.” My constant inspiration.

Creating in conversation, focusing, and producing tangible works.

This is the medium in which a person in middle age should live.

In the truth of their creativity.

Showing your creativity to the world, whatever it may be, shows the essence, and that is that we are not ashamed to be who we are, and we do not have to invest our energy to maintain our false ego (authoritative director, good housewife, successful doctor…). Instead, we invest energy in our “true selves.”


How is this done?

It sounds simple, but it isn’t.


Increase the activities you want at the expense of those you have to do.

That’s a good way.

To follow such a path, you need to have faith. Faith that everything will be great. Faith without fear.

These are the decisions and qualities of healthy people.

Those who believe in themselves, who believe in God and do what they want.

Then they are truly themselves and don’t need feathers to present themselves to the world.


Do what you want, not what you have to!


Those who do that will easily find a partner (again if they need one), friends, a job, entertainment.

The truth of their life will call forth the truth in others.

That’s a healthy life.

And we, in our 40s, talk about menopause.


What is menopause? A time when the false ego must be removed.

It can be painful because nobody wants to get rid of their feathers, because nobody knows how to do it painlessly.

We clutch tightly to our reputation, wealth, relationships, at the expense of what our soul craves.

Then the hormones rage.

The truth wants out.

We say one thing, do another, think a third.

The consequence of this is a hormonal imbalance.



Now you understand what you need to do.

If you want to learn how to do it, how to emerge from the shell of unnecessary and negative emotions and suffocating masks, sign up for the “Emotions and Stress” program in Zagreb on September 8th and on Brač from September 9th to 12th.


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