Limbic system: Dance or problem?

Limbic system, Dance or problem

The limbic system is a small part of the brain located in the center of the skull. You can’t reach it that easily. You can’t give it some fresh air, directly supply it with oxygen, or feed it some soup and meat, and you can’t see it. Emotions reside in the limbic system.

Emotions – you can’t see them, touch them, catch them, understand them, predict them.

Yet, they rule.

Like some invisible masons, they say. Has anyone seen these masons? Has anyone seen emotions? Has anyone ever seen the real rulers??

Emotions rule our physical bodies. The limbic system is right next to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which are the bosses of our hormones. So, if you have problematic emotions, you have a problem with hormones, you have a problem in your body. When the body is sick, you lack strength, you don’t feel like doing anything, and life becomes a swamp.

So, from negative emotions comes a hormonal imbalance, which is what we call stress.

The main negative emotions are anger, sadness, and fear.
All trouble arises from fear.

How to balance emotions? How to be cool, fun, and awesome…

To do something with your emotions, you need to know yourself well first.

Most importantly, set your limits and discover your talents.

Of course, “the sky is the limit,” but for what?! Certainly not for everything. “The sky is the limit”… refers to your talents, not what you’re terrible at.

For example, if the sky is the limit for “my talent for numbers and accounting,” everyone around me would suffer.

When the sky’s the limit for the incapable and immoral “talents”… you know the consequences.

Do you even know your talents? If you do, do you believe in them and accept them? Or do you think it’s not that great, and others have better talents…

What you think is not a big deal, what comes naturally to you, and what you excel at effortlessly is your greatest value.

However, talent without effort is lost.

If you develop your talents and invest where you excel and where you can see that you are lucky, that’s it.

Otherwise, you’re on the wrong path, and you’ll be frustrated.

You’ll experience emotions like anger, fear, and sadness.

Your limbic system will be stressed, transmitting stress information to the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and hormones, and one day, accumulated stress will manifest itself.
It can manifest as unshakeable fatigue (chronic fatigue), gastritis, muscle and joint pain, headaches, digestive problems, and eventually as a serious illness (autoimmune, cancer, neurological disease).

But if you just smell a flower, a rose, helichrysum, rosemary, lavender (or whatever you like?!), the scent molecules take the shortest possible path from your nose to the limbic system, about 10 cm. Limbus cells immediately react emotionally to the scent.

Do you smell the scent of the Mediterranean?

What emotions arise?

Smell pure natural oils that bring you back to life.

Smell the scent of fields, flowers, childhood, love.

Scent is the closest to emotion.

That’s why the “Emotional Balance” program that restores harmony to your gaze, smile, walk… is right in the scented Mediterranean, in Dalmatia – the land of clean air and clear scents.

Clear messages.

Wake up!

Brighten up!


The emphasis of this program is on sexual hormones, libido, thyroid, and communication.

Is your brain working?

Or has lower intelligence prevailed over the upper? Or is there no lower intelligence anymore?

What’s your libido like?

For a sexy woman, for a sexy man, I recommend a lot of oils.

Oils bring oxygen to your cells.

You can eat oils (olive, pumpkin, coconut…).

You can drink essential oils, but only under the supervision of an aromatherapist (essential oils of frankincense, vetiver, sandalwood…) that have a lot of sesquiterpenes and balance emotions, soothe nerves, and oxygenate cells.

Or you can massage yourself with oils, mixing, for example, sesame base oil and essential oils of melissa and lavender. This is excellent for relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

You can smell oils, you can bring stimulating scent oils (lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary…) or soothing oils (lavender, melissa, marjoram…) to your nostrils and experience emotional satisfaction in seconds!

You can come to the “Emotional Balance” program from June 12th to 14th at Hotel Ivan, Solaris near Šibenik.

You can dance the limbo on the beach at sunset!

Let’s go to DALMATIA!

See program details HERE.

A group called “Hunters of Liars” is being formed… where members recount their love adventures… you can lie as much as you want, present yourself as a cool person, creativity comes to the forefront, ideas are the beginning of something real, you can combine reality and fiction… your imagination becomes reality if you have the courage to dream.

Do you?


Program: “Emotional Balance”

Date: June 12-14, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)

Location: Hotel Ivan – Solaris, Šibenik

Facilitator: Dr. Bura & collaborators

Price (includes program, accommodation, full board):

– HRK 4,380.00 in a single room

– HRK 3,811.00 in a double room.

Reservations and information at and 099 21 54170

Both your offended body and soul will thank you.


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    Meri Bura, MD

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