Mind and body hygiene – a letter from my client

Mind and body hygiene

This time, one of you is writing instead of me.

Mind and body hygiene is exactly the right topic.

We had Dr. Andrija Štampar who founded global preventive medicine, and today we buy expensive medical equipment that we don’t know how to use, which gathers dust in the hallways, and the slightly less expensive and simpler ones collect rows and rows of people who yearn for their test results.

And what happens when we get the results?
What did you get?

You received a diagnosis.
And you have no idea that you are not and cannot be a diagnosis.
A diagnosis is a simplification of someone’s unhealthy way of life.
A diagnosis provides only limited information and misleads you.
It misleads you into thinking that by solving the diagnosis, you have solved your unhealthy way of life.
Without teaching you body and mind hygiene – the only path to health.


Body hygiene = healthy nutrition in line with individual needs.

Mind hygiene = meditation = focus = pleasure = doing and being in what you love and want (not what is imposed on you). When there is pleasure, thoughts disappear. Mind hygiene is self-work and spiritual progress.

What you create in your mind – will manifest in your life.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.

And now, read the letter from my client who wrote to me after my lecture at the Institute of Public Health two weeks ago.


You once told me, “Food isn’t everything.” I completely agree. I think that if I’m in good company and happy, I don’t have to eat bad pizza or a sandwich just to fit in, but I can comfortably eat a bit of prosciutto and drink 1 dl of red wine, and nothing bad will happen to me.
Of course, tomorrow I will definitely drink 1 liter of master cleanse and try to flush my body with as much warm soup, tea, and movement as possible.
But now I want to emphasize what is most important to me. We learn about nutrition, hygiene, and healthy habits, and that’s all fine.
We have no idea that being happy and feeling good in our own skin most of the time is healthy and normal. We have no idea that it is normal and healthy to love life and ourselves. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT STRESS IS.
This should be the basics of self-awareness, health, and life. We weren’t taught this in school or in religious education.
Most people are unhappy, and that’s their normal state. They’ll be happy when they solve this or that, when they pay off their mortgage, when they win the lottery.
I am grateful to God that I am happy. I primarily accept it as a gift from God and a blessing. But I know that happiness is also a matter of choice, something you practice.
When a problem arises for me, I don’t say, “Why me? I didn’t need this.” Instead, I wonder, “What do I need to learn?”
How can I go through this and understand the lesson?
I am unconditionally happy! For the gift of life, for every day, for everything. And when you walk around happy like that, people around me wonder, “What’s wrong with you? It’s as if you’re not normal.” Or, in the best-case scenario, I get a comment: “It’s easy for you.”

I have been reading and working for my entire life to understand myself and life.

I can testify to the following from my past:
When more challenging periods and certain problems arose, a lot of things disappeared from me. I got stuck in a way of life that was excessive work, without rest, enjoyment, with a state of prolonged stress and fear, without even being aware of it.
For months, I dreamt of my situations or even documents that were difficult for me. In my dreams, I feared whether I would succeed in resolving this or that. And all of this was reflected in my health.


I will try to summarize this without going too far into detail about myself because that is not the purpose of what I am writing.


WE LACK THE HYGIENE OF SPIRIT AND EMOTIONS. For example, when we work and someone annoys us, or we’ve had stress due to deadlines or traffic jams. We come home, wash our hands, and sit down at the table. With all the negative emotions we brought with us. We eat a perfectly balanced meal and can’t satisfy ourselves. We overeat. Or we get bloated, or we get heartburn. Why? When we haven’t eaten healthily.
The emotions inside us are not healthy. How to let them go? How to change the energy within us? A shower? Music that will relax us? Meditation?
How and when? In what way to become aware of the change in emotional state on a daily basis? How can we most easily monitor and detect the cause of mood changes? How to find and establish balance? How to deal with fears (irrational and rational), how to deal with the feeling of guilt when others accuse us or when we accuse ourselves?


I think the answer to the above questions is what is called the HYGIENE OF SPIRIT AND EMOTIONS.

This is entirely absent in our upbringing and culture.
These are my observations.




I give you the answer to all these questions.
The questions are about life, concrete.

The answer lies in knowledge and self-awareness, knowledge of yourself, your body, your mind, your emotions, knowledge of yourself as a woman.


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