Misconceptions about the ego

Misconceptions about the ego

Yes, criticism, anger, arrogance, blame, whining, caring, competition, avoidance, the desire to be right, resistance… all of these are related to the ego.

What is the EGO?

The ego is a state of one’s own energy (thoughts, spirit, emotions, and body) in which we feel like we’re in our own skin because we know exactly what we want and desire, we do it (important!), and we enjoy it (most important!).

Elisabeth G: Enjoyment is the best sign that we are still human.

So how are the above-mentioned states related to the ego? And why do people keep telling us to “reduce our ego”? To make it “easier” to live with us! The environment never supports us, nor will it ever support us (the environment, not individuals), in doing what we want because that way we always deprive the environment. How? We spend our energy fulfilling our desires, not theirs.

So, what are the characteristics listed at the beginning of the article? These are the characteristics of a weakened ego, the characteristics of a person lost in pleasing others. And yet! These characteristics are still the only sign of miserable resistance to the desires of others but without enough strength to stand on one’s own path.

What does this have to do with thyroid health? Ego is energy, our sincere desires are energy. The thyroid reflects the quality and strength of that energy. If we suppress our desires to please the environment, our ego falls, our energy falls, and we become an undefined mass.

One of the most important indicators of thyroid energy is body temperature, which is often overlooked as a diagnostic method and is a direct indicator of thyroid function. A sick thyroid has low energy, and a person has no energy. This manifests as chronic fatigue.

Is thyroid problems a psychosomatic illness? The vast majority of all diseases are psychosomatic illnesses. Our bodies reflect what is happening inside us. If we are unable to take responsibility for decisions about our lives, then our body shows us that we are on the wrong path. Responsibility needs to be practiced to make decisions and choices for our lives.

Why is this important?

Because this is a productive way of thinking that can lead to positive change. This is an approach that you can adopt, one that is applicable. Accusations of having too big an ego and being arrogant, competing too much, criticizing, avoiding… are just negative bonds that make us feel even worse and become even worse (to ourselves and others).

So, check the answers to the following questions:

1-         Every morning when I wake up, I am aware of my priorities that come before other people’s desires.

2-        Throughout the day, I am aware of “my values” that guide me in all activities (values are family, career, inner peace).

3-        I have a dream, and I am close to achieving it.

4-        I have a dream, and I am achieving it.

5-        I do not have any psychosomatic illness (hypothyroidism, gastritis, migraines…).

6-        I almost never feel guilty.

7-        I always express my opinion.

8-        I always react.

9-        My morning temperature is above 36.5°C.

10-      My self-confidence is my best friend, always with me.


Answers YES: 10  – you are healthy, full of energy, on the right path to achieving your desires and a sense of fulfillment.

9-7 – you are slightly shaken in your desires, they have probably caused you feelings of guilt. Still, you are on your way, but with less satisfaction on that path.

7- 5 – you are on the dangerous border of replacing the fulfillment of your desires with fulfilling other people’s desires, and your dreams may become a swamp in which you will drown.

Below 5 – you probably already have symptoms of some psychosomatic illnesses, you are focused on medication and nutrition, but you have not yet realized that you need a change within yourself.


And as Elvis Presley says: What is a man, what does he have, if not himself?! And in the end: I did it my way… MY WAY.


And for you, the right thing at the right time, in the right measure.


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