Mulier Compass

Mulier Compass

The Mulier compass helps us gradually relieve stress.
We need to be aware and persistent.
We need to focus correctly.
The Mulier compass focuses and guides us.

Stress, stress, stress, stress, stress – the most popular word lately.

Very often, it’s just an excuse not to do what we don’t want to do.
Most of the time, it represents confusion and fear.
It’s mostly a result of not knowing ourselves.


As I always emphasize, the first step to a happy and healthy life is to get to know oneself.
Parents, school, society change us so much that in the end, our main life task is to return to ourselves.

How will we know where to return if we don’t know that place?

Sometimes, that can be us from our youth, and sometimes, we are those who never had a chance to shine.

What does this mean in practice?

It means that we satisfy others instead of satisfying ourselves.
Another problem is that fulfilling our own needs is often labeled as selfishness.


Mulier Compass

How do we know we’re stressed?
We know it because we FEEL stressful emotions like fear, anger, sadness, humiliation, rejection, injustice, betrayal…
So, stress is a negative emotion.

Usually, one emotion prevails, and no matter what happens, we always feel that same negative emotion.
Some people constantly feel rejected, they expect it, and in the end, they get it. And then they’re stressed again because of rejection. Their fear of being rejected has been confirmed.

How does the Mulier compass help us?
It helps us get rid of these negative emotions, making them disappear from our lives.
It helps us take responsibility for our lives, for all the situations we encounter, for the thoughts we think, and for the emotions we feel.

That’s the first step.
The first step needs to be mastered to move on to the second step.

The first step needs to be understood. What does it mean to take responsibility for your life?

A crucial distinction is that we’re not taking blame but responsibility.

Blame is a toxic emotion that blocks and doesn’t provide an option for change.
Responsibility gives strength and restores power.

Healthy ego is hidden in responsibility. In responsibility lies the resource of our true nature – whether we are an adventurous woman, a wife, a mother, or a combination of these. When we are responsible, we are aware of where our strength lies and know how to use it. In one word, we shine.

Responsibility means that we put ourselves in situations where our strength comes to the fore, not our weaknesses. In short, if we are strong in language, we choose a profession like law instead of a homemaker job where we have no one to talk to.
Responsibility means changing focus.
Responsibility means we focus on ourselves.
Responsibility means that by focusing on ourselves, we quickly realize how to improve or enhance things – in our favor.
Responsibility means dedicating ourselves to ourselves as women.

Once you master responsibility, acceptance follows.

Learn all the details of the Mulier compass, learn from life examples, free yourself from stress, take a deep breath, and shine brightly.

Learn the Mulier compass at the “Emotions and Stress” workshop in Zagreb on 11/26/17.

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