Mulier nutrition is the divine proportion, the golden ratio of practices and choices for your overall health. Your diet is a part of your health, the most important part.

Mulier nutritionis a tailor-made treatment aimed at the underlying causes of a crisis.

We go straight to the source and the body follows by going through a deep transformation. This stage of the process does not require much willpower, it is simple and intuitive.

We believe that the body is the way.
We need to bring the body in a state of balance, beauty and vitality.

The body is the key, it is the place where we need to act.

The body hides toxins, it hides too much fat, and it hides blocked emotions.
We do not experience emotions such as fear, anger or sadness only in our heads, we experience them in our bodies as well, as palpitations (the body reacts to stress with increased heart beats), tightening in the chest, stomach pain, tingling sensations, headaches, neck and back pain,voiceloss, hair loss, allergies, muscle pain, disturbed balance, poor posture etc.
The body is very sensitive and it shows us where the problem lies.

When treating the body, we must always pay attention to digestion.

It is important to determine which stage of digestion is out of balance. To be able to do this properly, it is important to know that digestion is comprised of three stages:

  • The digestion of fats, carbohydrates and protein
  • The absorption of digested foods and their incorporation in our body
  • The elimination of toxins and surplus created in the first two stages of the process

You need to know what stage of digestion you are experiencing problems with. Each stage is treated differently.

Every stage of digestion includes the digestion of emotions as well as foods. For example, if someone insults us or hurts us, we experience anger and neck tension.

If this anger is not digested and broken down into another ‘substance’, such as acceptance (for example of the fact that we forgot to say ‘no’ when it was time to do so), then the anger is transferred to our joints, the muscles attached to them, the muscle fascia, our ligaments and tendons. This is very typical and very common.

These undigested emotions turn into a blocked transmission of electrolytes (and even current), which leads to stiffness and inflammations. As the body stores negative emotions, so too does it store the toxins that cause pain and inflammation.

This is how emotions are connected to the body.

This is something we have to keep in mind and always look for a link between what is going on in our lives and in/to our bodies.

Do not forget – the body does not lie.

Unfortunately, it often holds on for too long.

This is why detoxing is the first and crucial step in prevention and healing. Adding supplements and medicine will simply not do – it can only burden the body further.

How do we detect key information based on the signs and signals our body is sending us? How do we interpret what it means?

As we have mentioned, everything around us is mathematically connected with the golden ratio and everything has a tendency towards balance.

That is why we have two ears and one mouth.
It means we should listen twice as much as we speak.

This is our strategy – listening to the client carefully and appreciating what they tell us to take away the key information and find the root of the problem.

Your doctor needs this key information. Your doctor needs to know what the source of the problem is. The client needs compassionate healing, they need to be seen and heard. 

You are the client. You need to feel safe and supported to reach deep inside yourself and find the right answers.

When your doctor knows where you are,what your health status is, what the source of your problem is and how your body is connected to your soul, they will know what to do.
Now we can move on to the subject of diets. I know you are most interested to find out what kind of dieting plan you should get. However, diet is a complex subject.

We are used to defining food by calories, glycaemic index (GI), glycaemic load (GL), sugar, fat, and protein amount, vitamins, minerals, pH quality, digestibility, level of toxins and hormones, water content, smell, taste, consistency…

But food is not about calories. It is not about healthy or unhealthy foodstuffs. It is not about protein, carbohydrates and fat. Dieting is about the chemistry and physics in your body that support digestion.

When we understand nutrition, food can be our medicine.

When you start with the Mulier programme, depending on your needs and your root problem, your doctor will begin considering your diet plan.

A diet plan takes into account what types of food to eat (anti-inflammatory, alkaline, low GI, low GL), how to combine them (food combinations according to Dr. Hay, combinations for weight loss, for reducing allergic reactions), how to cook them (steam, in oil, cooking with no oil), which ones to eat raw (and when), when to eat (depending on your constitution), what breaks between meals to take (depending on your hormone status), what to leave out (foods hindering healing), what to eat less often (foods that can be harmful in large amounts), what to drink (very important!), what not to drink (the most important!), how to adapt to your new regime (a motivational plan) etc.

After gaining a thorough insight into your specific needs, your doctor can recommend a diet and a nutrition plan for you.
In the Mulier Holistic Centre everybody starts with a two-day Mayr detox (cleansing) cure and then continues with a specialised cure for weight loss, thyroid balance or burn-out, depending on the chosen programme.
Once you finish your programme at the centre, you can continue with a Mulier diet, alkaline diet, Mayr prevention, Mild cleansing diet, LCHF diet, Dr. Worm diet, Metabolic balance diet, Mediterranean diet, or any diet suitable for your age, constitution and health status.

Mulier Nutrition nurtures all of you in the programme and educates you how to continue when you finish the programme.

Nutrition is not about foodstuff; nutrition is about food.
It is about what really feeds us in the way that we stay full and fulfilled.
People are eating too much, too fast, too late in the day, too often – but still they stay hungry.
What is real food and how much do we need?

Food sources for humans

  • sun
  • earth
  • water
  • breath
  • food (nutrients)
  • sleep
  • a positive mind
  • detoxing


Every day, as we eat a certain amount of food, we also need to be fed and nourished by sun, water, oxygen, restful sleep, and contact with nature.
An especially important food is positive emotions.

Therefore, we need to make nutrition plan for your emotions too (we do that for all specialised programmes such as weight loss management, thyroid balance and burn-out and stress management). We need to get to the emotional source of the problem to come up with solutions for the body that last.

When the body is healed, emotions change.
When emotions are changed, transformation is possible.

Ancient Greeks figured it out a long time ago:
Mens sana in corpore sanoA healthy mind in a healthy body.

So let us take a break and allow for our success to catch up on us. This break starts with detoxing.

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    Meri Bura, MD
    Meri Bura, MD

    Intoxication, obesity, Thyroid problems, fatigue - require healing for both, souls and bodies. Body healing begins with a change in diet. The soul is healed with professional support and investment in knowledge. "Life is too long to be sick and too short to take too long."

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