My neck hurts!

My neck hurts

My neck hurts!


Neck problems are waiting. While you manage everything else on time, tension in the neck builds up.
You don’t react until you’re completely stiff.

In the meantime, due to tense muscles in the cervical spine:

  1. Blood and oxygen flow to the brain decreases, causing:

– Fatigue

– Mental tension

– Headaches, migraines

– Poor concentration

– Insomnia

– Irritability

– Anxiety

– Eye fatigue


2. And after a long time, the tension spreads to the entire spine, manifesting as:
– Pain in the middle of the spine

– Pain in the lower back

– Difficulty breathing

– Weakened circulation in the arms

– Weakened circulation in the legs

– Digestive disturbances



This is a result of poor posture and hours of sitting without much movement. High levels of stress and frustration can increase muscle tension, especially in the neck, as emotions are suppressed by muscle contraction.


Muscle pain in the neck is concentrated in several points. These are the areas of the trapezius muscle (approximately where the neck and shoulders meet), the area above the shoulder blade, and the area along the lower inner edge of the shoulder blade (this pain can cause very uncomfortable breathing). Pain from these points is transmitted to and felt on the face: on the temples and at the junction of the upper and lower jaw (jaw stiffness).


Acupressure – stimulation of important points and meridians. Some points may be very painful, but massaging them will relieve the pain, leaving an overall feeling of lightness and comfort. The points are stimulated by thumb pressure.

Breathing exercises – exercises for balancing the left and right sides, as well as deep breathing exercises.

EFT technique – emotional relaxation technique.

TM Joint Massage – facial and jaw massage.
The temporomandibular joint is the junction of the lower and upper jaw. It is often stiff due to stress, especially in the morning when waking up. Opening and closing the mouth is good for loosening this joint, as well as strong massage with fingertip pressure.

Lymphatic drainage of the neck and the entire body (using various techniques)!
Lymphatic drainage involves removing fats and toxins from circulation. It doesn’t happen on its own; body and muscle movement is necessary. We can stimulate it with various methods: massage, exercise, jumping, special body movements.

Light running (aerobic training), along with stretching exercises with deep breathing (jogging yoga)
You find running appealing but can’t find the motivation? Then jogging yoga is for you.
Minutes of running (5-7 min), neck exercises, leg exercises, running (3 min), circulation exercises, hormone balance exercises, running (5 min), lymphatic drainage, running (2 min), breathing exercises.
The most important thing is to synchronize the moment of inhalation and exhalation and their duration. This gives meaning and results (vitality and strength) to these specific exercises for body strength and mental relaxation.

Balancing hormones and energy in the body (chakra healing) with yoga and martial arts exercises
Each hormone has its role.
Balancing the function of organs also balances physiological processes. Thus, after these exercises:
– Digestion improves
– Mood is elevated
Hormonal balance enhances circulation throughout the body.




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