Nightmare of psycho drama

Nightmare of psycho drama

…when you think you’ve solved the problem… but you haven’t!
Can the title be more dramatic?

Can the feeling and the look in the mirror be more dramatic when you see your pumped-up silicone breasts that just don’t go with sagging bellies, arms, legs, and the tongues of those who have just seen this combination?

Years of dissatisfaction with yourself, your body, life culminate in a burning desire for change.

We always think that change must be pleasant.

Instead of resolving old wounds.

Jumping into the idealization of the state and the benefits that this change will bring us (in this case, plastic surgery) leads to a darkening of the view of the real problem.

Maybe you are dealing with reduced self-confidence, even lower self-esteem, fear of aging and powerlessness, unattractiveness, jealousy towards the young, envy, sadness, misery.

You haven’t fulfilled your own or others’ expectations in life. It takes effort and time for that. You haven’t fulfilled your dreams. But it’s too late.

But it’s never too late for surgery.

You gather the money and say what you want. Nothing easier. It seems as if the number of bras will change the whole world around you. And you’ll have firm breasts, you’ll show the world how rich, flexible, abundant you are.

Taut skin on your décolletage requires a man with rich, flexible, taut skin.

But does your libido match your appearance?

Because if it does, it looks good.

But if it doesn’t match, everyone sees it.

Like bodybuilders who have to artificially maintain their muscles. And even when they are in their best condition, in their best form, everyone knows that this balloon can be deflated with one sharp look or one creative criticism of their body.

So why do people hide behind… anything?

That’s a long story… But everyone needs to deal with it, that’s for sure.

Someone hides behind muscles, someone behind taut skin, someone behind a rich husband, someone behind successful children, a career, someone behind titles… So where is everyone?!

Read “The Little Prince” once again, remind yourself of what you are and who you are and what’s important.

But to be in touch with yourself, maybe you didn’t know :-), but you have to have a healthy body.

You have to. If you want…

Three important things for a healthy body:

  1. enough water and oxygen
  2. enough fats and omega 3
  3. enough sun and photons
  4. enough food, unprocessed seasonal food

When you don’t have enough water in your body (read oxygen), cells die, produce increased cholesterol levels to reduce dehydration and prevent cell death.

This is a big stress for the cell. That’s why cholesterol is an indicator of stress, not an indicator that you eat fatty foods.

When you don’t have enough fats, the healthy transmission of signals through the cell membrane is missing. Regular cell detoxification decreases. Cells don’t communicate properly. You don’t communicate properly with yourself.

When you don’t have enough sun (read photons), your hormones won’t work, no, no. No chance. But you always have vitamin D supplements.

And don’t lock yourself in dark air-conditioned spaces in this heat. You’re human, not a rat afraid of the sun. Walk in the sun for a short time, sweat, swim, sunbathe.
You don’t need someone to tell you how long. You can feel your body!

In the end, it depends on your constitution.

If you have a kapha constitution (pale skin, large bones, a strong body, calm person…), you won’t be harmed if you sunbathe every day from 11-15 hours, in the peak sun. On the contrary, it boosts your energy.

But if you’re a pitta type (busy, nervous, business-oriented, jealous…), then you’ll already be red-faced with dermatitis in winter, and you’ll burn like chicken wings on the grill.

And if you’re a vata type, you’ll faint from too much sun.

Dose it. Titrate it. Sail. Like in life.

Well, always a bit of medicine.

Let’s get back to the topic!

I really enjoy criticizing women who get surgery.

And as life is a paradox (about this interesting theory much more some other time!), I’ll probably be the one who will have surgery one day.

Maybe some trifle, some trigger (an excess wrinkle, a comment, a man, fear of aging, a psychological insight, a guilty conscience about these articles…) will lead me under the knife.

But that won’t happen anytime soon.

And in that case, I’ll have even firmer breasts and an even more wrinkled body.

But I’ll think I’m young!

And I’ll be old enough not to hear or see the comments around me.

And that’s good.

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    Meri Bura, MD

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