Prevent burnout

Prevent burnout

Maybe you don’t even know you’re close to burnout, but if you look closely, you might have some of the following symptoms:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Racing heart, panic, fear of events (fear consumes a lot of glucose)
  • Paradoxical symptoms that we don’t expect (a healthy heart but we have palpitations, taking high doses of vitamin C but having constipation, always tired but taking hormones… these are advanced stages… we call such patients living dead—sorry, but that’s how it is)
  • Withdrawal from people
  • Fear of the future
  • Symptoms of some chronic diseases such as thyroid problems, joint pain, migraines, PMS, heart problems, obesity, some autoimmune diseases…
  • You’re undergoing treatment, and your tests are better, but the fatigue remains
  • Muscle aches
  • Skin, nail, and hair problems
  • Dermatitis, skin redness, itching, skin hyperpigmentation (this could be an alarming sign of complete exhaustion of the adrenal glands)
  • Waistline weight gain (a sign of stress)
  • High triglyceride and cholesterol levels (a sign of dehydration)
  • Blood sugar level maintenance problems (alarm bells ring when your blood sugar drops)
  • Insomnia

Do not ignore these symptoms.

They are already a vicious circle, leading you deeper and deeper, further and further, where you will lose yourself completely.
There are various methods to break free from this vicious cycle.


There are two ways to help yourself:

  1. Through concrete lifestyle changes in exercise and nutrition, but for this, you need knowledge and guidance. Forget about succeeding without help; you need information about the cause of your burnout and what measures, when, and how much you need to take. And most importantly, you need the support and dedication of a therapist, at least initially.
  2. By changing your attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs (they’re all the same thing, but it’s essential that you recognize what’s going on). Changing beliefs is the spiritual journey of every person, and don’t shy away from it. If you don’t address the causes that led to all or just some of the symptoms, you’ll only mask the problem. You’ll feel better for a while, and then everything will return.


Here are some basic pieces of information on how to help yourself if you have burnout symptoms:
For people in burnout, it’s essential to eat every 4-5 hours, and each of these meals should include a piece of protein (meat, fish, legumes…), a piece of raw vegetables, and plenty of cooked vegetables.
If you can, it would be good to eat soup (meat or vegetable) every day.
Since you’re overwhelmed with toxins because the nervous system is weakening, consider taking digestive enzymes. High concentrations of magnesium over an extended period will help a lot (consult a doctor, especially if you have kidney problems).
Have you forgotten about fish oil?
It will provide you with enough omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.
That’s enough about supplements for now. In people with burnout, improper use and excessive use of supplements can cause even more harm.

Going to the gym, cycling, and aerobic exercises are undoubtedly a good choice if you have burnout and want to completely destroy yourself. Forget about exercise; you might need a little swimming, gentle yoga, lots of rest. It’s crucial to go to bed before 10 o’clock.

Has anyone taught you breathing exercises? If not, it’s high time you learned.
It sounds simple. And it is, but you have to incorporate exercises into your daily schedule.
So instead of exercising – please, do breathing exercises.

Spirituality and spiritual work are essential for changing our false beliefs that have led us to illness, fatigue, and a loss of meaning.

This cannot be achieved overnight – that’s why it’s called “working on oneself.”
Find a teacher you like, someone you already have a good opinion of, who seems authentic, honest, and who will be with you, at least in the initial stages of change.
Each of us needs a teacher and a supervisor.
However, until you decide, you won’t even hear or notice your teachers who want to help you and who clearly see your problem and the solution. Like many of you who are not ready for a solution, you did not notice in the first part of the text that I am one of those who help in such situations.
People usually decide to change when the water comes up to their neck.
But by then, you’re just wasting time.

A vrijeme je jedina istinska stvar koju mi ovdje na zemlji posjedujemo.
Time is the only true thing we possess here on Earth.
Time is the only thing we can control.
So, direct your time toward your progress and happiness.
Happiness is the goal and meaning for all of us.

Don’t neglect meditation.
Today, it’s like not brushing your teeth. You know there’s toothpaste and a toothbrush, and it’s there in the bathroom, but you don’t use it?!
It’s not trendy, it’s not for others, it’s for you, and it’s precisely what you need.
Wondering how to meditate? You’ve tried, but it didn’t work for you?
Meditating is tough, for everyone, not just for you. But only in the beginning. Afterward, you’ll barely be able to wait for your meditation minutes and your meditation corner.

Try one of these meditation methods:

– Focus on a topic you love and think only about it, breathe deeply, relax your shoulders and lower jaw.
– Just sit and don’t bother about being more and more upset; endure 20 minutes with your eyes closed, put your left hand over your right hand and hold your hands in your lap.
– Try to imagine how you “pack” your thoughts – those that come into a small cloud that you quickly release, which simply travels away from you, and you see it getting farther and farther away from you. Keep a smile on your face all the time, as Ketut would say – let your liver smile too!
– You can say sentences that relax you. Some of them are acceptable to most people and cause immediate relaxation and tension reduction: all is well, everything will be fine, everyone loves me, I open my heart and mind, money is coming to me, the ideal job is coming to me, good people are coming into my life, I have enough time…
You can listen to my meditation. You can listen to a series of meditations on YouTube.
Just start.
How many times have you fallen while learning to ride a bike?
Every learning process is challenging.
Just start. Now.

Are you constantly postponing the decision?
To make it easier for you to decide, I have created a set of questions called the Mulier compass that will make your decision easier.

When you decide on something, ask yourself the following questions, and you will see if it’s the right decision for you or if you’re distancing yourself from yourself. Listen to your heart – what does it say – is it a good decision?
But there’s one exception.

In the case of meditation, I will answer for you – the answer is positive to each of the questions below.

– Does meditation stabilize or destabilize me = stabilizes
– Does meditation increase or decrease my energy = increases
– Does meditation strengthen or weaken me = strengthens
– Does meditation calm or disturb me = calms
– Does meditation increase or decrease my self-esteem = increases my self-esteem and self-confidence
– Does meditation connect or separate me from people = connects me because it breaks down barriers


Now answer these questions for yourself:
– What’s preventing me from doing this?
– What fear is associated with it, and how can I overcome it?


It’s essential to know that:

  1. You ALWAYS have a CHOICE
  3. CONSISTENCY is a significant VIRTUE and solves many life dilemmas and problems.

So, only now, when you’re already meditating, can you think about changing your attitude. But if you’re going to change your attitudes without meditation… you’re not on the right path. It’s like buying new furniture for a room full of dust and old stuff. Inefficient.

I assume you don’t want to be inefficient and waste your time.

So, in short, prevent burnout because, otherwise, you’ll completely lose yourself, and that’s not what you want.

You want to find yourself again, enjoy yourself and your achievements.

I always like to say what Elizabeth Gilbert said: Pleasure is the only thing that truly makes us human.

You are created to enjoy.

So, enjoy it!

If you don’t know how – to start, follow the recommendations above or contact me for an individual program on “How to Enjoy Life Again.”

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