Pride and vanity

Pride and vanity

When we deal with ourselves, we must keep in mind that we are not creatures of logic but creatures of emotion, full of prejudices that are led through life by pride and vanity, said Dale Carnegie, the founder of the self-help movement that infected the whole world. A movement that has grown into its opposite. Because solutions are sought where there are none, and that is logical thinking, establishing premises, and defending them.

Every author writes based on their own experience, and in doing so, they lead you further away from yourself, precisely trying to explain to you how to get to your own life. The absurdity lies in taking solutions. You should take information, and your solutions are hidden elsewhere. After a few years of studying such literature, you will find yourself completely lost. Lost in other people’s experiences and theories. Unless you have encountered a teacher who can recognize and differentiate your life from the examples in books and manuals. And to do that, they must be able to do the same for themselves. That the teacher is healthy and should be listened to, you will know very simply just by looking at their life, the circumstances in which they live, and the people they are surrounded by. You can test yourself in the same way.

But one day you can feel good, and the next day, bad; one morning you are full of energy, the next, completely dissatisfied. You just can’t seem to find consistency and satisfaction. Man is an energetic being. Life itself is energy. Every energy around a person affects their energy. And their energy consists of thoughts, feelings, experiences, behaviors. To know and predict your behaviors and feelings, you need to know your energy system, your energy, and how other energies affect you. Then you will know how to avoid energies (people, events, places, food…) that are bad for you and expose yourself to energies that are good for you and strengthen you. And most importantly, you need to know your energy system to understand how your own energy affects you.

Fundamental knowledge about energies is contained in ancient knowledge about chakras. All the problems that bother you arise from the retention of energy, from the retention of emotions, from the retention of what we want to say but don’t. Too many tangled energies in the wrong place bring unpleasant chaos. Decide: in every moment of your life, say what you think and feel, or learn about the subtle energies of your chakras and how to activate them. Clean and clear energies support your health and happiness.

The comprehensive course on chakras and managing your own energy is provided by the course: “Mulier’s Guide to Chakras,” which will be held soon.
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