Quick revitalization

Quick revitalization

Quick revitalization

The quickest and most enjoyable way to refresh, gather strength, and motivation is to go somewhere.

New circumstances and new people regenerate our energy and give it a new shine. If you’re tired of work or have been in a long-lasting routine, the best thing to do is go to the seaside. The sea air is beneficial and healthy.


Spending time by the sea provides us with larger amounts of iodine, which is necessary for the thyroid. The thyroid is needed by all organs in the body, that is, its hormones are. Creating thyroid hormones requires a perfect balance of oxidative processes. If there’s too little of them, there are too few hormones, and the thyroid works less well, and if there’s too much oxidative stress in the body, these hormones are destroyed, and the thyroid’s function weakens again.


Oxidative stress occurs, as the word itself suggests, due to stress. First, the adrenal gland is exhausted, and adrenaline secretion decreases, and then the thyroid weakens, and then other organs suffer in turn. Two-thirds of bodily iodine is in the thyroid. A lack of this mineral can lead to slowed mental reactions, weight gain, and a lack of energy. In addition to iodized salt, which almost everyone uses today, larger amounts of iodine can be found in algae, vegetables grown in soil near the sea, onions, and in all seafood. Unless it is proven that you lack iodine, supplementation is not necessary.

Vitamin D

In addition to these benefits, the seaside has the most sunny hours, and ultraviolet rays act on the oils in the skin, producing vitamin D, which is then absorbed by the body. If we take it orally, it is absorbed through the intestines. It is one of the fat-soluble vitamins, so its presence requires a sufficient amount of fat. It is most abundant in fish oil, sardines, salmon, tuna, milk, and dairy products.


Smog reduces the strength of ultraviolet rays to produce vitamin D. People living in cities, especially large and polluted ones, should take additional amounts of vitamin D, through food or supplements. Vitamin D works best with vitamins A and C (an excellent combination for preventing colds). The most common daily dose is 400 – 1000 IU. A lack of vitamin D can lead to rickets, tooth decay, and osteoporosis.

The Sea

The sea provides iodine for the thyroid, ensures clean air through which ultraviolet rays easily pass to produce vitamin D, provides a sparkling view of waves ideal for meditation and clearing the mind of all thoughts, pure healthy local food, cheerful southerners who will make you laugh and emotionally warm you.

Where to Go?

Because of all the above, health programs are held by the sea because you get the most with the least time. Health programs by the sea that support your health: http://mulier.hr/usluge/tjedni-i-vikend-programi


You can also read this text on the website: www.womeninadria.com

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