Rejuvenate your emotions

Rejuvenate your emotions



You want to be successful, beautiful, and loved, but you don’t know how.


What do you actually need to rejuvenate?

– Go to a beautician, cleanse your face, apply a mask, and an expensive cream to your face.

– Visit a plastic surgeon and change your face.

– Find a younger lover.

– Leave home, escape from all problems.

– Exercise at the gym or jog in the woods, on the beach…

– Drink miraculous drinks with even stranger names.


What will truly change your life?

Change only comes through changing behavior.

How to change behavior?

Have you ever asked yourself: What’s wrong with my behavior?


Where is the key mistake that doesn’t lead to the change I desire?

– Lack of discipline?

– Procrastination?

– Reacting emotionally instead of rationally?

– Accumulating negative energy (bad people, bad food, bad air, bad projects…)

– Rejecting good energy (good people, good food, quality air, positive projects…)

– Always reacting in your emotional pattern, essentially being a slave to the same thoughts and the same reactions (fear, anger, sadness)?


Samo je dijete pretjerano emotivno.

An adult led by emotions through life is immature, dangerous to others, and most of all, to themselves.

They create turmoil around them, most of all in their own life.


Emotions like fear, anger, sadness (and beneath these lies a whole range of feelings such as abandonment, loss, rejection, humiliation, injustice, betrayal, worthlessness, etc.) become the ultimate altar that a person prays to. In the end, every life situation ends up in this chapel of emotional misery.

There, a person feeds themselves, reinforces their helplessness, and as such, they serve neither themselves nor the community.

But the power of attraction is strong, and in the end, everything is familiar and safe there. It’s not pleasant, but it’s safe.


In our brain (more precisely in the amygdala), the center is fear and trauma. Every stressful situation increases the acidity of the body, activating the transcription of anxiety into RNA and storing it in DNA. Such an emotion then becomes the predominant factor and leader of someone’s life.

The first traumas occur in childhood. The same situations repeat, and the transfer of information into DNA repeats and becomes part of the body, the physics.

So, it’s stress that causes the body’s acidity.

The solution lies here.


Our body is a collection of billions of pages that swim in a pool of water and are connected by chemical and electrical bonds. This water must be clean for the cells to survive. However, negative emotions acidify that water, and life becomes a swamp instead of a turquoise beach that smells good.

The beginning of revitalization starts with cleaning this water.



– Firstly, realize what personally causes me stress (this is achieved through a conversation with a specialist).

– What type and rhythm of nutrition nourishes my blood and my cells?

– What type and rhythm of communication with loved ones nourish my blood and my cells?

– What type and rhythm of communication with business associates nourish my blood and my cells?


Learn all of this at “Relaxation of the Mind with Meri & Maja.”

Through play, through socializing, in our beautiful Dalmatia, come and relax your mind, enjoy your body… through a series of activities that revitalize and enrich.

The body and mind are inseparable.

To make the body and mind breathe together as a fine mechanism, we must take care of all the cogs.

Learning to relax the body and mind are prerequisites for a healthy life. They are inseparable.


The three-day workshop “Relaxation of the Mind with Meri & Maja” will provide you with all the necessary tools for fine-tuning this special mechanism.

Relaxation of the mind rejuvenates emotions.

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    Meri Bura, MD

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