Spring detoxification

Spring detoxification


Šibenik, April 17-19, 2015



I adore simple pleasures._11R8916

They are the last refuge of the complex.

Oscar Wilde



A little cleansing wouldn’t hurt you.

You think you clean regularly, that you’re clean. Maybe.

Daily baths with shower gels only bring a heap of glycerin to your skin, smoothing it, closing pores, and preventing the skin from breathing.

When we talk about detoxification, it involves a more thorough approach to cleansing the body and cleansing emotions.

The body is the temple of the soul.

For serious mood disorders, even depression, cleansing the body (inside and out) can lead to healing.

In addition to being a simple pleasure and a fad, detoxification produces significant results if you know what you’re doing.



Spring detox with Dr. Meri Bura at the Hotel Ivan in Solaris, near Šibenik.

Read more about the Spring Detox program HERE.



Detoxification is:

– regular hygiene of the body and mind (quickly forgotten)

– thorough tooth brushing once a month

– colon cleansing


Dental hygiene includes:

– tongue cleaning

– tooth brushing

– all of the above


Detoxification can be done:

– daily at home

– in the mountains

– both


Spiritual detoxification includes:

– watching television

– brainwashing

– none of the above


After detoxification:

– it’s best to have a good meaty meal

– continue to eat alkaline foods (foods that create an alkaline environment and reduce inflammation in the body)

– continue to eat low-GI foods (less than 50, meaning that such foods do not lead to rapid increases in glucose in the body, and therefore not to rapid increases in pancreatic hormones and cortisol)

Food can:

– intoxicate the body if it’s full of hormones, chemicals, preservatives

– detoxify the body if it’s green leafy vegetables from organic farming because they contain large amounts of oxygen, water, minerals, and vitamins

– lead to inflammation in the body, which can result in cancer in the long term


A more severe form of detoxification is fasting, which:

– has always been considered a spiritual practice (in many religions)

– increases concentration, intelligence, and a sense of humor

– dulls all senses


Detoxification (starvation) of the body can be dangerous:

– if the body is already starved of minerals and vitamins (80% of people in the West are starving despite excessive food intake)

– if there is a stronger hormonal imbalance

– if colon cleansing is being done


Detoxification can be accompanied by:

– a stronger smell of urine

– a coated tongue

– a stronger body and breath odor


It is permanently important:

– balance between mucus production and stomach acid production (a large percentage of people take refuge in this problem, manifested by a wide range of symptoms: fatigue, stomach pain, frequent colds, digestive problems, skin problems…)

– balance between sufficient! stomach acid production that destroys bacteria

– that mucus production is under control so that nutrients can be absorbed


Proper breathing:

– is continuous detoxification

– exhale is more important than inhale for detoxification

– allows us to sing beautifully


Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5, one of the B vitamins):

– can detoxify many dangerous substances like herbicides, insecticides, etc.

– is found in eggs, fish, milk, sweet potatoes, legumes

– should be considered in people who are malnourished due to poor eating habits


Signs that you are intoxicated and need detoxification urgently:

– signs of skin aging, fatigue, demotivation, anemia, frequent colds, depression, dermatitis, herpes, insomnia, memory loss, poor concentration, mood swings, severe PMS, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s…

– you are full of energy, have no symptoms, eat regularly and healthily, have a great social and love life, look young, engage in sports and other hobbies

– you have green eyes


The correct answers await you in the program.


If a sudden transition to detox is stressful for you, sign up for the INTOX DETOX program, which faithfully imitates a life situation – first you overeat, and then you learn how to cleanse yourself painlessly and continue healthily!



The good feeling – the self-confidence that accompanies detoxification is the best motivation!


Check out the SCHEDULE OF ALL PROGRAMS with Dr. Meri Bura in 2015.


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    Meri Bura, MD

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