Strong women with a weak thyroid

snazne zene, Strong women

Who are these strong women?
Do you consider yourself a strong woman?
And how do you know your thyroid is weak?
How do you know it’s not?


It’s too late when you age prematurely.


When you’re 40-50 years old and feel like an old lady.
Your joints ache, your muscles hurt, it takes time in the morning to thaw out, you’re tired, demotivated, you’ve lost the sparkle in your eyes.

The worst is when you lose the sparkle in your eyes.



When I ask women what their problem is, they most often say, “thyroid.”

That usually means they blame the thyroid for everything.
It’s to blame for not being able to work like a beast anymore.
It’s to blame for not being able to please your husband anymore.
It’s to blame for not having the patience for the children anymore.
It’s to blame for bad hair despite good hairdressers.
It’s to blame for gaining weight despite eating healthy.
It’s to blame for dry skin despite expensive creams.
It’s to blame for having everything but not being satisfied.

The thyroid is to blame for everything.
Although the heart, lungs, kidneys… and especially the stomach and brain are also here.
All problems start in the stomach and brain.
But the thyroid is mostly to blame.

But until a few years ago, they hardly knew that this small gland even existed.

Thinking that the thyroid is to blame is a wrong way of thinking.
We are to blame for destroying the thyroid.
Systematically, consistently.

How did we get here?



The very word “thyroid” suggests that it should protect us.

Function promotes structure and structure promotes function.
This would mean that if you use your thyroid, it will become stronger, better, more active, and more powerful.

But has anyone taught us how to use the thyroid?
Has anyone taught us how to use the ovaries?
Or the pancreas?
We force the pancreas to work and suffer… when we eat a lot of sweets! So, we don’t know how to use it. We have information but not knowledge.
Google has all the information, but it doesn’t know how to heal people, how to cook soup, or how to make a wardrobe.
Be careful about gathering information; it can be toxic.

No one taught us how important these glands are for personal happiness. Or how to use them. To make them last longer.
You buy a new blender, you don’t throw it on the floor, you don’t bang it on the table, you don’t use it for 10 hours straight without a break, you don’t put stones in it, you don’t hate it.
You handle it carefully, gently, with respect, with a desire for it to last as long as possible because it’s yours, because you paid for it with your money.
You want it to be young and active even after 20-30 years.
Your grandma or mom also have some appliances that they use with care and love. For years.
And where are we in all of this?



For years?

In puberty, suddenly we find ourselves with a new being, alone with ourselves, face to face… We wake up from childhood into the reality of a girl. Oops! Hello! Hello Iva! Hello Andrea! Hello Antonija! Is that me?
Where did this acne come from?
How will someone love me with acne?
No one says that others shouldn’t love you, that you should love yourself, let alone teach us how. We tremble before the criticism of others. And even those closest to us do not hesitate to criticize us to the point of pain.
No one teaches us how to use and preserve our ovaries to make them last longer. They just say “don’t sit on something cold.”
But what if I have sex all the time?…
How long will I last?
What if I talk all the time?… How long will I last?
What if I eat all the time?… How long will I last?



I started using eye wrinkle creams in my early 20s.
Thanks to my dear Dr. Jazić who taught me that caring for the skin starts NOW.

Caring for everything you care about starts now!

Every postponement of self-care is like death to the soul. Not to mention the neglected body.
The soul is the driver, and if the driver is dead, the spirit dies.
There’s no energy.


The death of the soul is the cause of physical fatigue.
It’s the cause of chronic fatigue, where pleasure disappears, motivation is lost, everything becomes gray and meaningless.
Here we must mention some other causes of chronic fatigue that you probably know, but think about it:
“Which came first, the chicken or the egg, the soul or the body?”
Causes of chronic fatigue include viral infections like HPV, often overlooked hepatitis, calcium deficiency (not because we don’t drink milk, but because we’re acidic), hypothyroidism (not because the thyroid decided not to work, but because we don’t use it energetically, because we’re stressed, because we eat poorly), intoxication with heavy metals (who wants that for themselves), burnout from work and life and all its variations…


When I don’t take care of myself and my desires and needs of my soul, moisture accumulates in my body. Symbolically and literally. Moisture is a symbol of stagnation, immobility.
Excess estrogen, a lack of progesterone, water retention, inflamed fat cells can all contribute to the problem.


Here’s an example about water.
Water that stands still and doesn’t move, like the water in bottles, is dangerous, possibly even infectious. But when water moves, it’s healthy. And if you want to alkalize your water, here’s an alchemist’s trick: mix your water counterclockwise for 1 minute. You’ll energize and alkalize your water.
Why doesn’t the sea freeze?
Because it constantly flows, never stops. Because there are ocean currents.
So, our soul is an ocean current, the one that moves.
Current, movement, that’s life.
Where movement ends, death begins. If you never ventilate your home, you’ll accumulate moisture, bacteria, and illness.
If you never move your thoughts beyond what you constantly think, you’ll kill yourself mentally.
If the soul doesn’t get its food, it dies.


The thyroid regulates metabolism.

And metabolism is eternal change – movement. It’s not static. It’s not final. It implies movement, change.
The thyroid is right there, in the office that supervises change.
It supervises metabolism, temperature, and is energetically connected to the neck and speech. Spiritually, it’s connected to self-esteem and self-confidence.
It’s connected to what we’re able to say, with the courage to say what we think.
If we constantly swallow our words and feel a lump in our throat… what will become of us?
How many years did it take for powerful women in Hollywood to openly say that they were abused?
But for a higher goal. Success.


Are you a hostage to your success?
Are you at least aware of what you have lost along the way because of it?
Was it worth it?
Paper and pencil, plus and minus, calculate.

Silence, silence, silence…
So why did God give us intelligence and vocal cords?


What does a house look like when no one has been in it for years??



The catch is knowing what nourishes our soul.
And consciously planning “meals” for the soul.

We know we would die without food, and unfortunately, that’s the only food we are aware of.
Even now, when we are bombarded with information about nutrition, healthy food, we know so little.
No one knows that we should eat according to our blood type, because that way we strengthen our immunity.
Very few know about combining food according to Hay in one meal. Even less is known about conscious eating and the Fx Mayr method.
We crave information because we are NEVER SATISFIED.

And the point is that:

– we air out our minds (otherwise, we’ll accumulate “moisture”)
– we eliminate most of the food we eat
– we detoxify the body and soul

Only then, clean and fresh, can we put on makeup and perfume.
With a clean body, we gain clarity in the soul; we can determine what nourishes our soul and how often we will have these “meals.”



The first step in getting to know yourself:

First, eliminate all activities from your life that you think you “need.”
– I need to help a friend choose furniture this afternoon.
– I need to go for coffee with him because I might need it…
– I need to say that I’m satisfied because I won’t get anything next time.
– I need to call my mom because she’ll get angry (especially don’t communicate too much with those who are constantly angry with you).

Most of what you think you need is usually completely unnecessary in your life, and just as excess meat you eat creates excess and toxins in your intestines, so everything you think you “need” creates toxins in your mind. You could get seriously ill from this “need” because when you function with “I need,” there will never be enough room for “I want” “I desire” “I enjoy.”

This “I need” becomes an obsessively compulsive act in time and an end in itself. And in the end, you just need something…. And the only thing you need is to return to yourself and your needs and desires.
“I need” will never satisfy the desires and needs of the soul.

“I need” leads to passive aggression, misunderstanding, quarrels, and bitterness.
If you do something because you think you need to, it automatically means that you don’t want to. In your soul, you’re actually making a kind of pact, an agreement with yourself to do something to get something else. You never get that something else – don’t forget!
Because that something else you dream of getting is usually an illusion, an illusion of how you will feel then and there.
In the end… you decide to help your friend choose furniture… even though you finally wanted to start with Pilates classes in the afternoon and do something for yourself… but “I need” is stronger than “I want”… and in the end, you go furniture shopping with your friend (which honestly bores you to death because you’ve already struggled with your furniture)… you do it… in the end, you feel dual (you’re still thinking about Pilates)… at some point when your friend doesn’t show 100% gratitude for your heroic act, you start to get angry with her, but you don’t show it, and then you direct that anger at yourself.

You become passive-aggressive. The person next to you feels it, but you hide it, so it gets even worse.
In the end, that passive aggression is transferred to another person, who starts to be aggressive towards you.
You fight.
And you just wanted to help.
That’s why the path to hell is paved with good intentions.
In the end, with bitterness, you tell another friend how ungrateful she is and how no one should help anyone!
The fact is that if you wanted to go to Pilates then, you had to do it. You could have given your friend a time that suits you to go furniture shopping. That’s clarity.


“I need” is a pure compromise. In the end, compromise never leads to heaven.
Compromise creates moisture from which illness arises.
Compromise is vagueness, unclear energy. You say one thing, do another, think a third. Of course, that can be felt.
No one likes vagueness, nor respects it.

Louisa Hay, whom we love and respect, said that the spiritual cause of hormonal problems is “I say one thing, do another, think a third.”
In other words, I’m lying.
If we’re going to call it by its right name.

If you’re a housewife, do you think you need to make 5 meals instead of 2?
If you’re an entrepreneur, do you think you need to accept every project?
If you’re a mother, do you think you need to always give in to your child?
If you’re a mistress, do you think you need to do as he says?
If you’re an employee, do you think you need to work outside your job description?

2. When you reduce activities driven by the emotion “I need” (or even worse, “I should”), determine what truly delights you, what brightens your eyes, what raises your energy, what is never difficult for you, what you always want and can do.

It’s always something creative.

Do you want to have more children?
Do you want to work on a new project?
Do you want to explore new mountain peaks?
Do you want new company, new people?
Do you want more fun?
Do you want a new level of relationship with your spouse?
Do you want spiritual progress?
Do you want a hobby where you can work with your hands?
Do you want to try new exercises?
Do you want a new lover?
Do you want to regain your femininity?
Do you want more peace for reading books?
Do you want more freedom?
Do you…

And then determine how often you will have “meals” for your soul. And which ones. When.

For example, I will go hiking every weekend.
I will go to Pilates three times a week.
On Thursdays, I’ll take my husband out for a romantic dinner.

Life changes drastically then.


Why do we think we “need” and so quickly agree to compromise in our soul?
Why do we think we “need” and so quickly agree to compromise in our soul?
We make ourselves a victim.

Why do we do that
What are we afraid of?
That the other person will get angry.
Oh, life!
We’re constantly afraid that someone else will get angry.
In the end, we’re constantly angry at ourselves.

We need to let the other person know what we want.

We must start to speak about what we want.
We need to start becoming aware of what we want because otherwise, we’ll forget.

We need to stop being ashamed of our desires.
We need to stop being ashamed that our desires are less important than others’ desires.
We need to be the first to communicate our desires outwardly.

We need to learn to ask for ourselves.
Us, first, without provocation.

We need to learn to say no.
Sometimes without explanation.

We need to learn to resolve chronically bad situations and relationships.
So we can clearly say how we feel about it.


To be able to do all of this – to say how we feel, to love ourselves – we must know what we feel and get in touch with our emotions a little more often.
We should ask ourselves “how do I feel here and now” instead of “what could be better.”

When we realize that we don’t feel good right where we are, we should honestly say: look, I don’t feel good in this, I WANT it to be different, I want it to be like this and that.
Don’t tell other people to change! That’s where every communication ends.
Express your desire for how you want it to be. Take into account that others want to be happy too.
But CLEARLY state your desires.
Say what you want without telling others what they have to do.

When you realize that you don’t need others to achieve your goals and happiness, that’s it.

How will you get there?
1. Stop “needing.”
2. Do “your creative” things (read above in the text).

In short, focus on yourself, not on others.
Focus on your desires and needs.
A need is more important than a desire.
A need is necessary. A need is:
– eating when we’re hungry
– having a child if we have strong maternal feelings
– being an entrepreneur if we don’t like boredom…
That must be done.

Desire is an upgrade.
I have red shoes, but I desire another pair with a lower heel for a cocktail party at work.

Fulfilling your desires and needs is your duty.
If it motivates you more, don’t forget that you’re setting an example for your children that way.
An example is to be silent and “need” or to ask for what you need.

Every day, you have to fight against imposed rules of silence.
Silence beneath which lies the fear of criticism.

So what if someone gossips and criticizes you….?
If they criticize you because you love yourself… don’t worry!
They’ll always want to be with you.
The opposite? You become boring to everyone.


You’re not to blame for anything.
But you’re responsible for everything.

If you think you’re to blame, blame turns you into a victim. And a victim can’t do anything on their own – that’s the basic feeling of a victim – poor me.
When you can’t do anything, the victim stays put – there’s no movement.
So, moisture develops. Infection. Illness.

Responsibility is something else.
Responsibility shows you the way. To correct the grade.
I am responsible for being angry at myself and my friend when I helped her shop, even though I didn’t want to go with her. I wanted to go to Pilates.
I am responsible for being angry now.

Accept these facts:
– that you’re angry
– that you brought this upon yourself
– that your friend is angry

Then you deal with emotions. If you’re interested in learning how to manage your emotions, sign up for a consultation at .

Remember, self-love means doing things we want (not things we need) and behaving authentically regardless of whether we’ll hurt others.
Sounds cruel?
It isn’t.
It doesn’t imply intentionally hurting someone.


But here it’s about “either or”!
Either you or them!

If you’re willing to give your life for others, go ahead.
If you’re willing to make great compromises with your emotions, desires, and life just so someone else won’t criticize you or get angry with you, go ahead.
But then you have to be prepared for illness.

But before that, ask yourself what’s so terrible about someone criticizing me and getting angry with me?

Why can’t I stand that?
There are several reasons.
For each person individually, you need to discover the cause and resolve it once and for all.

Because that lump in your throat weakens our thyroid gland. Among other things.



What does a medical diagnosis tell you?
It speaks of what it objectively observes.
But often, it doesn’t reveal where the problem truly originates, the root cause.

The hole needs to be closed, healed. The cause needs to be resolved.

Some causes can be addressed by a doctor, some only by you, and some require joint efforts.

Be smart to know when and where you need to act.
So it’s not too late.

If you break a leg or need surgery, be wise, go to the doctor in time.
If you’re gaining weight, be wise, find a doctor who will guide you through weight loss.
If you have a problem with your thyroid, find your doctor and find your spiritual guide.
If you find everything in one person, great.

For all diseases related to hormones, you need spiritual guidance.

The holistic approach to health is the only approach that brings results.
The word ‘holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘HOLOS,’ which means both whole and holy. So, this approach heals both the body and the soul.
The Mulier holistic method is natural healing of the body and soul. The Latin word ‘mulier’ means woman.

This method is a feminine perspective on issues and a gentle, feminine way of solving problems.
Hormones are Materialized Energy of Our Soul


Let’s take three examples from before.
The pancreas – it secretes insulin, which pushes sugar into cells, the liver, and muscles.
That’s some serious action. Glucose is fuel.
We constantly fill our cars with fuel so we can go somewhere, travel, move.
We need glucose to move.


To go where we want or to escape from where we don’t want to be.
Understand that for everything we do in life (a smoothie, a doctoral dissertation, lunch, an article…), we use glucose as fuel.
So, even our thoughts work on glucose.
So, you wonder why your feet are cold? Well, it’s because all your energy is in your head (in addition to having a fatty liver, atherosclerosis, and hormonal imbalance…).
Glucose is our fuel.


We are designed so that our body can create glucose on its own (from proteins and fats) so we don’t have to eat sweets at all!
So, glucose is important! The body produces it even when we don’t consume it.
Imagine if your car could produce its own gasoline! Leave an umbrella and a sandwich in the car, and you get gasoline.
So, we eat a piece of meat with a little olive oil, and we can get glucose from that.
There’s no progress without glucose.
Glucose is ALWAYS there to move forward!
But not just thinking about where to go and ending up going nowhere.
Yes, that’s where moisture forms. That’s the devil’s hole. That’s where the ego dies.
Where we only think but don’t act.

Ego is good.
Ego is necessary.
Ego is life.
Ego is, in a way, your identity.

Ego tells us where we should go. And if it’s healthy, it will take us on the right path.
As soon as we set out on that path, the ego (like a good parent) is happy that we’ve started, it’s joyful. The fact that we’ve embarked on the journey (the journey is a decision to take action and the first step) makes the ego alive.

The ego grows with each of our actions.
That’s why actions should be taken.
To keep the ego alive!
Action is fuel for the ego!

A living ego is a healthy ego that can give us signs of where and when we should go, what actions to take. And the energy for that is provided by the pancreas, which secretes insulin that puts glucose where it’s needed – in cells! That’s how the body moves. And the mind.
The energy of a healthy pancreas strengthens our ego, and vice versa – a healthy ego strengthens the pancreas. I’m talking about spiritual medicine.

The energy of a healthy pancreas strengthens our ego, and vice versa – a healthy ego strengthens the pancreas. I’m talking about spiritual medicine.
(If someone has questions, my response is a question: explain to me how my email reaches New York.)

The health of the pancreas and the insulin flow depend on the ego, action (and a range of other things).
A diseased pancreas and disrupted insulin function lead to diabetes and indicate a weakened ego.
Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. There, we are – against ourselves.


Out of ignorance.
We don’t know ourselves.

We enter into entrepreneurship, marriages, we have children, without having a clue about what we’re getting into or how to do it.
True, we learn many things along the way.

But the only thing we must know to keep a clear head (a living soul) is how to take care of ourselves. And our pancreas, thyroid…



Maybe it’s due to wars and collective consciousness (subconscious), but there’s a big fear of hunger among us.
We eat too often out of fear of hunger. Except when we overeat due to emotions.
(Remember – if you want to be healthy, eat 50% of what you eat now. Drink a little more.)

Because of the fear of hunger, we burden our pancreas.
And the thyroid, which regulates metabolism, begins to wonder – what is this now? And this? What do we need this for? What should I do with this?
So, come on now, my thyroid, enable the conversion of all these sugars into fats, fats into sugars…
Build more cells, even though you already know that there are too many of them.
Break down old cells, but there’s no more room for breakdown products, for waste.
The streets are clogged, full of calcium (coming out of the bones) and platelets (poor circulation), drenched in acid (acidic diet, acidic emotions). There’s no more space!
And your mouth is already full of food. Sweet food!

And the thyroid continues to work, regulating all that food coming in, regulating all that metabolism, regulating anabolism (cell building), catabolism (cell breakdown), and remains silent while doing it.

To help it a little, the adrenal glands kick in, raising blood pressure, giving more fuel in the form of glucose, and ultimately burdening the pancreas and thyroid even more as they slowly lose strength.

This is called exceeding the capacity of organs.

If your blender can work at speed 3, then it breaks down at speed 4.
The same goes for organs.



The pancreas is in our abdomen. Our bacteria are there too. They are an information system, they transmit news, they are journalists.

Where the pancreas is (and the intestines), there is our instinct. Instinct is information (which bacteria have – journalists).
Do we listen to ourselves and do we decide where we will go, how long we will stay, and what we will do there?
Or do we ignore it?
Do we choose “I should” instead of “I want”?

When we choose “I should,” we have chosen silence.



If it’s uncomfortable for you to say what you want or ask for something for yourself, go the opposite way.
Do something for yourself.

For a woman to be powerful, she needs to pay attention to herself.
First and foremost, she needs to pay attention to her body.

A woman who pays attention to her body looks different, radiates differently; we can recognize her even if she walks by us in sportswear.
She radiates freshness, purity, and self-confidence.
That self-confidence is her strength.
That self-confidence attracts the attention of others.
You will find it easier to say what you want if you surround yourself with such energy.



All of this is a theater, and everyone is acting.
But which role have you chosen?

The role of a victim who has no choice and must be silent, keep quiet, or “should”.
Or have you chosen the role of a self-confident woman who is clear, who says what she likes, what she doesn’t like, without worrying if it will offend someone?

If someone is offended by your desires, then everything is clear.

But if you still decide to stay with someone who doesn’t love you, how will you ever learn to love yourself?



Very simple.
Self-love begins with accepting your weaknesses.
It can be something like this:
You have finally decided to stop saying “I should” and want to clearly say no and yes.
You accept your weakness that you will be nervous while saying no to that person.
If you then keep your focus on yourself and, with love, feel yourself imperfect in that situation, it’s a TURNING POINT.



Do you have a problem with your thyroid?
I’m interested, first of all, do you have a fatty liver? I’m interested in your cholesterol, sugar (having good blood sugar isn’t the end), your high blood pressure…
I’m interested in whether you are bothered by obesity and what kind:
Chronic obesity?
Intermittent obesity where you constantly gain and lose weight?
Future obesity knocking on the door considering your lifestyle?
Acute obesity due to the accumulation of fluid and toxins, hormones?

Are you thin on the outside but fat on the inside? That’s very risky. It applies to slim women under stress.

If you’re still looking for something about TSH, fT3, and fT4 in this text, believe me, you have the wrong focus.
You’re looking in the wrong direction.
You haven’t understood the message of this text.

My job is to convey the message to you, not medical knowledge.
My job is to convey the message – what is your part of the job?
Why are you where you shouldn’t be? This way, you lose energy.

You exhaust your thyroid.

Do your part.
Stop looking at FSH.

When you do that, FSH will improve on its own.

Strong women like to have control.
And satisfy everything and everyone.
Let everything go.

Be a “weak” woman, flexible and gentle. Be yourself.

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