Tanja Vujovic

After a year of online communication, I came to meet dr Bura in Šibenik and spend a time in health wellness programmes.

As for my stay with you in retreat in Šibenik,I loved the fact that I set aside time just for myself, time to dedicate to health. It helped me a lot to learn how to organize the day when it comes to nutrition and supplementation. I enjoyed the daily massages performed by Dr Mary’s beautiful assistants, the sauna and aromatherapy baths. The most important thing and why I would recommend everyone to spend a week with Dr Mary is that it is dedicated to you every day and that she approaches each person holistically. Her approach to the health problem is in-depth and comprehensive, it includes taking care of the body, mind and soul. At the same time, she is very patient and full of understanding because it is not easy to change bad habits and beliefs overnight. In addition to regular and various therapeutic examinations and consultations, the doctor Bura tries to make your stay in Šibenik an unforgettable experience. I had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Adriatic Sea, to listen to classical music concerts at the Šibenik Fortress and to visit some other beautiful places in the area. That week helped me understand where the cause of my health problems was, where to start a change, and I get instructions on how to proceed. Dr Mary is an exceptional expert and a wonderful woman.

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    Meri Bura, MD
    Meri Bura, MD

    Intoxication, obesity, Thyroid problems, fatigue - require healing for both, souls and bodies. Body healing begins with a change in diet. The soul is healed with professional support and investment in knowledge. "Life is too long to be sick and too short to take too long."

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