To have somewhere to return to

To have somewhere to return to

In tough times, everyone should have a place to return to.

Some people aren’t even aware that they have nowhere to return to.
Some constantly rely on people they can turn to.

Even your own mother doesn’t necessarily want you so strongly when you return with a failed year of college as she would if you returned with a diploma.

Mothers should always be a place to return to.

However, that’s not always the case.

Because even a mother has expectations.
She expects you to make her happy. Every mother expects that.
If you’re not talented in what makes her happy, then the question is whether you’re welcome.

A mother’s gaze is sometimes more suspicious than the gaze of a new boss at a new job.

Moreover, a mother’s gaze carries more weight as it tells us whether we’ve succeeded in life.

If our mother looks at us with admiration, we admire ourselves too (example: inflated men who mothers adore).
If our mother looks at us with expectation, we constantly think we need to do more (example: always doing something extra for someone else).
If our mother looks at us with disdain, we think we need to do better and more (example: never satisfied, constant dissatisfaction).
If our mother looks at us with a supportive look, we always think we can (example: pushing our own boundaries and enjoying it, satisfaction).
If our mother looks at us with fear, we fear taking steps (example: status quo, depression).

And so on…

What can you return to?

Where do you go back to in tough times?

It’s good to have somewhere to return to.

If you have an overly anxious mother and you think that’s the only safe haven, fears and brakes will await you. You don’t need that. Especially not in difficult times. It will stick you to the ground so you won’t move for a long time. You don’t need that either.

Many women seek refuge in their families.
Their greatest fears are connected with losing their family.
Family is important, it’s a refuge if there are reasonable people with a lot of love for you in it. Reasonable children and loving and understanding spouses.

That’s good, that’s nice. Do you have that?

But that’s not the place that should be a refuge.

Because if that’s the refuge, as soon as the children become less reasonable and the spouse reduces the amount of love and support, the family stops being a refuge.

The only true refuge is always within yourself and in God.

Because you are not your children, nor are you your spouse, nor are you anyone’s child… you are an individual. What kind of individual?

You decide that. And you decide it constantly.

Learn to move.

Through your decisions, because nothing is forever.
Through your relationships, because nothing guarantees them.
Through yourself, to get to know who you spend your days with.

Because only movement is life.

And health.

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