When to treat the body and when the soul

When to treat the body and when the soul

I believe and know from experience that if we want to achieve a goal, we should enjoy the journey at least a little bit.
When we set our health as a goal and start visiting doctors, laboratories, hospitals, health education… we often lose our way. Too much information adds extra stress.
There’s an overload of one-sided information about what’s best, what’s healthy, and what’s not.

This information often has no connection to us and our lives.
It’s not written for us.
We don’t click with this information, so we lack the motivation to continue.

Many experts we encounter on this journey don’t even get to know us, let alone take care of us. Before they get to know us, we have already left their offices, unless you’re fortunate enough to have a private general practitioner who has the time to see you, listen to you, and understand you.

So, even after numerous tests and medical experts, we find ourselves alone again.

Here, I must mention that, of course, there are doctors and experts who have the time to get to know you and maintain continuous contact with you, providing you with ongoing support. This is the real patient-doctor relationship. I also work in this way. I am thoroughly acquainted with all the details of the life of the person who approaches me, and I am available to them and in continuous contact.

The beginning of working with me always involves a detailed health questionnaire; you can see it here.

However, we need to know that a significant part of the responsibility of who we connect with and which treatment method we choose remains with us.

Will we choose pills or treatments, devices or diets as our treatment method?

But if we don’t have professional support and are guiding ourselves through the process, we end up trying various diets, superfoods, methods, treatments. Sometimes we find something, often we don’t, and then we move on in our search. For health.

In order to know what’s best for us, we need to know ourselves well. To know our body, emotions, soul, and the place where our happiness resides.

If you have problems with your body, skin, painful joints, kidneys, blood pressure, high cholesterol levels (many studies have shown that there is no connection between fatty food and “clogged blood vessels,” i.e., high cholesterol levels, but there is a connection with mental stress), if you have problems with headaches, allergies, balance, obesity, hormones… in that case, I advise you to sit down, think about what you’re doing wrong in your life, what you do that you don’t want to do, and why you’re not doing what you want. Why are you staying in situations and with people who are not good for you? Body signs are signs of the soul.

Ask yourself which negative emotion predominates in your everyday life (joy, curiosity, creativity, or anger, sadness, fear, feelings of humiliation, betrayal, injustice, abandonment…).

In this case (meaning you have a physical symptom like a headache, and you’ve realized it’s because of bad relationships at work, for example), it’s good to increase physical activity like exercise, travel, finding new hobbies, meditation, deepening your faith in God, consulting with a professional, making new friends with similar interests.

In states where the body is weakened and sick, we seriously need to consider what needs to change, and that’s when talking (to a professional, friend, God…) helps the most.

The feeling that someone is there for us, that they hear us and see how we feel, and that they want to help us, gives us the strength to change for the better.

The feeling that we deserve something, we all still want to hear from the outside.

There’s a wonderful book, “Willpower Does Not Help,” which, in contrast to all the self-help literature, states and proves that our personal willpower is often not enough. I agree with that.

So, when you have body symptoms, start treating your life and your soul. The result will come faster and easier.

If problems are primarily emotional-mental in nature, like anxiety, depression, mood swings, decreased energy, fatigue, lack of interest in life, nervousness, anger, sadness, fear, lack of concentration, weakened thinking, insomnia… then it’s much better and more effective to start therapy with body treatment.

This primarily refers to detoxifying the body from toxins, excess food that causes too much fermentation and decay, which further causes the formation of toxic gases that primarily affect the brain (experiments have shown that these gases can kill guinea pigs).

This is why the connection between the gut and the brain is often discussed. The gut sends food or poison to the brain.

Remember the saying: “A sound mind in a sound body”!

All of this shows that it’s time to take a break from additives, preservatives, excess food, sugar, bread, foods to which you’re intolerant; it’s time to cleanse and nourish the body. Primarily, to nourish it with liquids (preferably mineral-rich).

So, if you have emotional symptoms, treat and cleanse the body; the result will come faster and easier.

Of course, is there any need to add that a combination of optimal nutrition with detoxification and mental anti-stress is the best option?

But it’s difficult for some to dedicate themselves to both.

When you’re in a bad mood, it’s hard to improve your mood through conversations.

It’s difficult to deal with emotions when we’re deeply unhappy.

It’s easier and better to focus on the body; results come faster, and with results comes an increase in self-confidence, which helps us move forward.

It’s difficult to focus on the body when it’s weakened, irritated, painful. It’s easier and more motivating to have a conversation, to understand what’s happening and what needs to be done.


  • Start gently and actively towards health, using methods you’ll enjoy (healthy eating, massages, rest…).
  • start taking care of your body first ( detoxification , nutrition , hydration )
  • All body symptoms arise from negative emotions and imbalanced human relationships; seek an expert who will help you understand where you are and what and how you need to change.
  • The power of your own will is not enough; you need the help of an expert or the support of friends and family. We need the support of the environment in which we live.

I can help you with expert advice on nutrition, detoxification, advice on taking supplements, I can give you professional advice on lifestyle according to your constitution, and advice on anti-stress.

I can give you advice on what, when, how.

Detoxification of the body is usually the first step for most people. Because most people have similar complaints such as fatigue, obesity, high blood pressure, hormonal problems.

With detoxification, you’ll start to relieve your body and mind.

You can do detoxification at home if you’re not used to setting aside time and money for detoxification programs in hotels or clinics. The best recommendation I can give you for home detoxification is liver cleansing with Hepafast and a low GI diet, for 2 weeks.

Some discipline is still necessary for results.

Of course, you can always fast, once a week or more.

However, with a supplement rich in amino acids like Hepafast, you won’t feel very hungry, and it will be easier. Additionally, there are ingredients designed for the liver.

You can order Hepafast with a low glycemic index diet from: mulier@mulier.hr

If you decide to detox at home with Hepafast , I recommend that you also fill out this questionnaire , so I can help you with individual advice on how to continue after those 2 weeks.

Whatever you decide, let it be pleasant, let it be good for your body. Emotions will show if you’re on the right path.

And don’t be alone in your search, don’t keep going in circles.

For more information and any questions, please contact: mulier@mulier.hr

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    Meri Bura, MD
    Meri Bura, MD

    Intoxication, obesity, Thyroid problems, fatigue - require healing for both, souls and bodies. Body healing begins with a change in diet. The soul is healed with professional support and investment in knowledge. "Life is too long to be sick and too short to take too long."

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