Where does health come from

Where does health come from

Where does health come from

A completely healthy body receives healthy signals when it’s hungry and knows what food it needs to intake. If you belong to this group, you can rely on yourself, and you don’t need a doctor, a nutritionist, or any kind of expert. You can safely ignore all existing diets, recommendations, and the like. I especially don’t recommend searching on the internet. Because unless you are an expert, you won’t be able to distinguish grain from weed.

Perfect Health

However, perfect health is a rare occurrence, and most people suffer from occasional or constant pain, symptoms, and diagnosed illnesses. These are mostly fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, circulation problems, allergies, skin issues, thyroid problems, emotions… Every pain in the body, even the smallest, if it’s constant, sends a message. And you shouldn’t ignore it. You should solve it. In that case, you need an expert to guide you towards a healthy state, so you can continue on your own.

Thousands of Types of Headaches

What and how to eat, especially when you have a headache, for example? There are thousands of types of headaches and their causes. One of the most common among women is digestive issues and PMS. Digestive issues are one of the first and main causes of all diseases, and every treatment and symptom relief should start from there. You’ve heard of the aura, the invisible energy shield around our body that protects us from surrounding energies and lets in what we need. If our aura is healthy and strong, then we let people who do us good, who bring us good news, who speak to us gently into our field (the frequency of their speech is pleasant). Similarly, a healthy aura doesn’t let aggression, bad news, high-frequency speech, negativity come to us…

The Aura of Our Intestines

Our intestines work in the same way. If they are healthy, then the intestinal mucosa allows nutrients to pass through and eliminates waste products from the body. This is the energy flow in a healthy person. When you identify your energy flow, you can apply it to every segment of your life. That means all your systems (digestion, kidneys, heart, thoughts…) work in this way (keeping the good, eliminating the bad). In nutritional terms, you can eat healthy food, prepared healthily, but if the flow of your energy is disrupted, all vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will simply pass through you, and you will retain the harmful metabolic products (which must always be present). Like some of you will retain the important “nutritious” information from this article and take action, while the “nutritious” information from this article will simply pass through some readers. Nutrients need to be used, just like opportunities in life. Don’t let them pass through you or by you.

What You Need to Know About Food

Basic knowledge about food and nutrition goes much deeper than just the caloric values, which for decades have shown that they have no value or constancy. In terms of energy and physiology (energy flow and medical physiology are the only true shelters of the truth about the human body), you need to get to know your body (SelfCare table) and then fit the quality, quantity, and rhythm of energy (food) to get the most out of food without it being a burden but a pleasure. After the SelfCare table, you need to determine your psychophysical constitution (preferably according to doshas) because your basic constitution never changes. And then you can choose from various cuisines. Start with the one you grew up with and slowly add some dishes and recipes that suit you from new cuisines. This way, you will be healthy and satisfied.


If you satisfy your intestines, they will repay you many times over. In addition, only in healthy intestines is the largest amount of serotonin – the happiness hormone – synthesized. As an addition, healthy intestines are responsible for 80-85% of the immune system. Don’t forget that if you want to be happy, relaxed, and full of energy. These are the foundations of health. Learn more about how to completely heal your digestion in the course: “The Impact of Digestion on Life and Health”.

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    Meri Bura, MD

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