Who is stealing your time besides Zoki?

Who is stealing your time

Who is stealing your time besides Zoki?



“There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time.”



Who is stealing your time besides Zoran Milanović?

Well, probably you yourself. Neither Zoran nor Goran nor Milan can save you or be blamed for wasting your time.

You are to blame, so only you can improve this situation.


Choose your goal.

Make conscious choices every day. There’s the catch. DECISION-MAKING.

And the biggest catch is what question you will ask yourself when making decisions/choices.

These are the questions:

– What makes me happier?

– What is better for me?

– What are the short-term consequences of decision number 1, and what are the consequences of decision number 2?

– What are the long-term consequences?

– Which consequences can I handle, and which ones can’t I?

– Does it support my main goal? (family, wealth, career, friendship, partnership)


The goal is the meaning.

If you don’t have a goal, you’re barely alive. The goal drives you. Those without a goal are tired.


Chronic fatigue syndrome. Besides having its causes in viruses, chronic liver disease, a lack of certain minerals, and hormonal disorders…, the root lies in the loss of meaning or a goal.


If your goal is health, happiness, vitality, and as soon as you wake up, you have coffee, light a cigarette, read portals with bad news, then this day is bad news for you.

And worst of all, you know it.

You are aware that you are weak, you are aware that you make bad decisions.


You’re stealing your own time.

And what do you think should happen outside of you to start making good decisions?


Just your decision.

The decision that you will stick to your decision even when you don’t feel like it, when you would rather do something else, something easier, more pleasant, more stable.

A popular saying lately… if you do everything as you’ve done it before, then the results will be as they’ve always been. Exactly.

If you lack fullness, happiness, enjoyment in life, and enjoyment is an important proof that we are still human, then simply DECIDE on fullness, happiness, and enjoyment.


Come, join the good company that awaits you in the REJUVENATION program.


The content of the REJUVENATION program will allow you to feel a turning point in your body’s movement, in your self-confidence, in your view of your face in the mirror, in your belief that beautiful days are here for you.

And that you are beautiful inside and out.

The Mulier REJUVENATION program will be held from May 15 to 17, 2015, and its result, and my goal, is your complete spiritual and physical renewal, which will give you enough self-confidence to fly for months.



If all your answers to questions under c) are correct, then it’s time to stop wasting time and join where pleasure, brilliance, and spiritual and physical luxury await.


1. The Mediterranean, Dalmatia, the sea, were created for:

– Retirees from Germany

– Czech women looking for a husband

– Me


2. Mediterranean herbs are used:

– Only for teas

– Only as a spice for dishes

– For teas, as a spice for dishes, in the form of essential oil for health and beauty treatments


3. Immortelle is:

– Dead drunk

– A type of mortadella

– The French word for helichrysum


4. In the “REJUVENATION” program, we use:

– Scented oil for massage

– “Black Cat” lotion for refreshing spaces

– Pure helichrysum essential oil from Croatian plantations – for the “Personal Ritual”


5. Rejuvenation is done on 3 levels:

– More weight, cellulite, and puffy eyelids

– More insomnia, nervousness, dissatisfaction

– More sleep, cell oxygenation, and spiritual renewal


6. In the REJUVENATION program, the “Easy Dreaming Dinner” includes:

– Roast lamb with potatoes

– 7 fried eggs

– Green soup, potatoes baked in their skins, boiled vegetables, salad


7. Only on the REJUVENATION program can you get:

– Salami and cheese

– Friendly staff

– Smiling & Satisfaction meditation

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