Winter Seasonal Food

It’s essential to eat seasonal food, meaning mostly vegetables.

Winter in Dalmatia (300 sunny days per year) brings us such treasures and these include spinach, chard, collards, lemon, grapefruit, mushrooms, fish, goat milk, cheese…


Winter menu

Breakfast: Fresh goat cheese with lemon.

Snack: Cooked apples with jam.

Lunch: Chicken soup, chicken baked with sour cabbage.

Serve with row vegetables.

Afternoon: Dandelion root tea.

Dinner: Baked celery slices with spinach.


Winter Nordic walking

The most beautiful walking season is in Winter. Enjoy the beautiful blue sky, golden sunshine, fresh winter

We offer Nordic walking under professional guidance.

We offer jogging under professional guidance.

Life in movement!

Give your circulation a boost.

You can optimize your energy levels and circulation even more with Signature Body Treatment (Mulier Revital) and lymphatic drainage.

Order your individual tailor–made programme by emailing us at


Winter Activities

THE BEAUTIFUL DALMATIAN MOUNTAINS and VILLAGES with happy people Mountaineering on Velebit in the fresh alpine air while enjoying views of the islands will give you a new dose of health.

You’ll be able to sense the sage and heather all around you.

Make some tea on your own using fresh plants that you’ll find.

Meet happy people living in National park of Velebit!

We offer Mountaineering Tours to suit your age and physique:

The Velika Paklenica Canyon Route with a lunch break (traditional Mediterranean Lunch)


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    Meri Bura, MD

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