(lat. mulier = woman)


Who knows a woman better than another woman?

Can a man understand why a woman loves to have many shoes, why she has PMS, why she loves golden blonde highlights, why she celebrates birthdays…? No.
A man wants only one thing from a woman, and if he gets it, he will be completely satisfied and open to cooperation.
A man wants a woman to be seductive. A seductive woman is beautiful, sexy, smart, and desirable to him.
A man only sees whether a woman is seductive or not. He doesn’t notice the hairstyle or the new dress…
Because a man loves to fantasize. His imagination is his libido.
If a woman can stimulate his imagination, she creates a sense of power in the man because he becomes aware of his libido.
A man identifies with his libido.
Libido equals life.


For a woman to be powerful, she needs to pay attention to herself.
First and foremost, she needs to pay attention to her body. It starts with the body. Don’t read too much, don’t think too much.


I recommend that you focus on your body. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.
A woman who pays attention to her body looks different, radiates differently; we can recognize her even if she walks by us in workout clothes.

She radiates freshness, purity, and self-assuredness.
That self-assuredness is her seductiveness.

That self-assuredness captures the attention of others.
You can have everything, but if you don’t have self-assuredness, you are a spirit, you don’t exist, no one notices you.
How to vibrate with seductiveness, self-assuredness, and purity all at once?

How to be strong yet gentle and attractive?

How to be seductive and preserve your space from toxic energies?
How to be beautiful and healthy?
Every action that strengthens our body also strengthens our self-confidence, our strength, our aura, our immunity.
We women need to think of ourselves as sensitive beings in need of care and protection.

This is written in the Talmud, a book where all the sayings and sermons of the Rabbi have been preserved over time.

The story goes:
“Be very careful not to make a woman cry because God counts her tears. A woman was created from man’s rib, not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be ruled over, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected and beside the heart to be loved.”


Have you forgotten this?

You have become entrepreneurs, managers, workers, mothers, givers, caregivers?
That’s not a woman’s role.

It can be a job, but not a life role.
A woman’s role is to be nurtured and feminine.
A woman needs protection and care.
Start with yourself.
Give yourself protection and care.
Don’t seek it from others.
Start with the body.

Protect your aura from accumulated thoughts and comments.
Don’t forget about overall body hygiene.
Think energetically.
We are primarily souls.
The soul needs energy. We need cleansing from old energies, we need energy flow, and we need fresh, positive energy.


You can get positive energy from the sun, positive people, positive thoughts, good food, faith, scents, nature, flowers…


The fastest way to get positive energy is to use essential oils.

The Croatian-Hungarian Queen Elizabeth used essential oils and remained beautiful into her old age.
This is how one of the first brands was created – Aqua regineae Hungariae – Rosemary water of the Hungarian queen.


Beauty is not an isolated category.
For beauty, you need health.
Skin health, digestive health, oral health, mental health, sexual health.
A woman’s health in the genital system reflects her overall health and often shows how she treats herself.
That’s why it needs attention.

Consistently and consciously maintaining the health of the urogenital system is a good way to prevent some common infections.

Most often, these are infections with Escherichia coli and vaginal candidiasis, which can trouble some women for weeks, months, and even years!

Frequent urinary infections with E. coli are a reflection of holistic imbalance in the host’s body.
E. coli normally resides in a woman’s digestive system, taking nutrients from food, and in return, it produces vitamin K, an important factor in blood clotting. However, when the immune system weakens, E. Coli appears in the urinary tract.
In addition to E. Coli, the second most common cause of stress, reduced immunity, and an imbalance in the body is vaginal infection with candida albicans.
It’s hard to get rid of candida; it’s dangerous and stubborn.

Systemic candida causes sexual dysfunction, suicidal depression, arthritis, autism, fatigue, irritability, PMS, digestive problems, muscle pain, attention deficit, headaches, memory loss, vaginitis, skin problems, impotence, hyperactivity, depression, hypoglycemia, menstrual problems, urinary problems, respiratory problems, food and environmental allergies, learning problems, reduced concentration.

Candida destroys progesterone, which is already lacking in many women – especially after the age of 35 – and turns it into the not-so-pleasant prednisone, so most women are estrogen-dominant.
This imbalance causes breasts to lose their firmness, hair problems, and, most obviously, depression and migraines.

In addition to these systemic symptoms, vaginal symptoms of candida can be unbearable – itching and unpleasant cheesy discharge.
Vaginal candidiasis and frequent bladder infections are a sign that you are heading in the wrong direction.
Change direction.
Essential oils are natural antiseptics for the female urogenital system.
You can use the Gynopro blend of essential and base oils as your daily hygiene, as a preventive measure, as an anti-inflammatory, as an energy shield.

This blend contains essential oils of helichrysum, chamomile, ylang-ylang, palmarosa, patchouli, geranium, tea tree dissolved in base oils of sunflower, apricot, and St. John’s wort macerate.
84% of vaginal inflammations have no symptoms, but they cause lasting damage to the mucous membrane, and if we are not aware of this problem, we expose ourselves to the negative consequences of chronic inflammation.
Unlike antibiotics, this blend does not create resistance to bacteria and is very gentle and natural.

The potential success of essential oils:
95% infections
75% psyche, nerves, hormones
50% chronic inflammations, allergies

As you can see, when you use essential oils, you have everything in one bottle – a powerful anti-infective, anti-inflammatory agent, and an energy cleaning and protection tool. It’s like having a corticosteroid together with an antibiotic and your favorite person next to you to protect you.


In 1990, Pierre Franchomme and Daniel Pénoël published “L’aromathérapie exactement, the current textbook of medical aromatherapy.” The authors base the book on the fact that pure and natural essential oils are always superior to synthetic or semi-synthetic substances with the same effect. The superiority of essential oils comes from the natural variation in the composition of essential oils.


Some women mix oils themselves, but for any intimate use, use a proven blend because we are dealing with sensitive mucous membranes that require a precise formula.


With oils, you affect the autonomic nervous system, hormones, and energy centers.
What’s next? Take a bath. Make time and space.
Let some Neapolitan music play, sentimental tunes, mandolin, a strong macho male voice promising happiness in the background, behind the bathroom door, and let the room fill with the scent of oils. Add 7-8 drops of geranium to stabilize hormones, 2-3 drops of ylang-ylang or rose to enhance pleasure, water as a medium for the flow of energy, your time for yourself.
If you want to heal emotional pain, if you’re holding onto an old emotion, immerse yourself in that water with oils.
Discover for yourself.

A leisurely exit from the tub, observing yourself in the mirror, a kind word for your beautiful soul, gratitude, and the present moment!

Apply essential oil of pine or cypress to your feet, rose to your elbows, Sonora oil for the thyroid to your neck, and Gynopro blend to your intimate area.

Now you’re protected.
Now you’re clean.
Now you can be yourself.

Add trust.
A woman should approach people and life with trust.
Trust and attention to your body, yourself, and life give meaning and love. A woman is created to give and receive love.

The fiance in the Song of Songs says: “Your shoots are an orchard of pomegranates with choice fruits, with henna and nard, nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all the trees of frankincense, myrrh and aloes, with all the finest spices.

A fragrant woman.
A confident woman.

And you?
Have you forgotten to be a woman?
How do I know?
You’re just working, not enjoying anymore… you don’t know what you want anymore… you don’t use scents…


How to reclaim yourself, become a woman again, what are the first steps… learn at the “Women’s Mind, Women’s Heart” workshop in Split on May 5th and 6th or in Zagreb on May 19th (part 2).


Author of the photo: Alfred Stevens, “The Bath” 

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